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Xpring takes over Strata Labs

2020.07.10 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯

Strata’s research has enabled some of the first truly Internet-native micropayments, with more than 10 billion transactions being used over the ILP network for applications such as coil or stronghold. These tools will be made available to developers worldwide:As we continued our collaboration on ILP, we realized the resources Strata developed around node operations and scalability were clearly tools that the entire ecosystem should benefit from and have access to.

So far, Strata Labs has worked on extending the infrastructure for the Interleger Protocol (ILP) and researched creative ideas to increase the scope of XRP. King and Rodriguez have successfully researched and developed cryptocurrency trading products at Harvard University.

At Xpring, Strata Labs will focus on open source projects. The main focus will be on the scalability of the ILP, as existing resources will be used to develop products intended for public consumption and the mass market.We plan to open source the proprietary code from Strata’s infrastructure to allow all developers to use it for their own projects and make the ILP network more accessible.

Author : Collin Brown