Academy Beginners Tutorial Article

Alias Settings


1. Set up a new alias

You should set up an “Alias” when accessing OKEx Pool for the first time.

The alias is the only identification of your mining account. Each user can only set up a unique alias once. Your alias is used for configuring your miner.


2. Add a mining sub-account

Multiple mining sub-accounts can be set up under one master account, each of which can be connected to 1000+ miners. Click “Alias Settings” > “Create a new alias” to set up a new alias.


 3. Authorization

Click “Alias Settings” to authorize a trustee. A trustee can check the mining data of the authorized alias.

Data of miner management, hash rate change, yield, and payment records, etc. of the authorizer’s account will be synchronized to the trustee’s account, which also has the authority to change the settings of sub-accounts.