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BTC/BCH/BSV Mining Guide

2020.02.25 何, 颖

ASIC miners are used for BTC/BCH/BSV mining. Following is a mining guide for how an ASIC Antminer is connected to OKEx's mining pool:

  1. Visit the "Miner General Configuration" page

After obtaining the worker's IP address, you can use a computer being connected to a local area network (LAN) port to visit such IP address on the browser and log in on the "Miner General Configuration" page (you can see how to obtain such IP address as well as the username and password of the "Miner General Configuration" page on Antpool's website).

Next, connect the worker to our mining pool on the "Miner General Configuration" page.

  1. Connect the miner to OKEx Pool

The above shows the general configuration settings of the worker. The definitions of "URL", "Worker" and "Password" are as follows:

URL: It is the "mining address" of your target currency. See Mining Address.

Worker: the worker's name. It is a combination of your "Alias" and "Worker ID". The format is "Alias.Worker ID".

  • Alias: It is the aliasdisplayed on your OKEx Pool For example, if your alias is "tothemoon" as shown below, you need to enter "tothemoon" as your"alias".
  • "Worker ID": You can randomly choose any alphabets or numbers to set up your "Worker ID". It will be displayed on the "Manage Miners" page.

Password: Optional. No meaning.

OKEx Pool provides three mining addresses for all assets. Configuration is complete after entering and saving the mining addresses, the worker's name and/or passwords in the corresponding entries on the "Miner General Configuration" page.

Congratulations! Your worker has been successfully connected to our mining pool.

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