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Do you want to have your Bitcoin mining farm? All you need to do is…


Purchase the popular game <Animal Crossing: New Horizons> and spend USD 5 worth of in-game currency – and Voila! You can now have your own faux Bitcoin mining operation! Just don’t expect to profit from it 😉

Since we are here, wanna earn BTC by doing absolutely nothing? This article will tell you how.

So, this is what happened a few days ago.

Source: Reddit

Even if you are not a Nintendo enthusiast, you probably have seen your friends’ posts on your social media feeds. Being successfully sold for five million digital copies just in its first month, <Animal Crossing: New Horizons> became a massive hit during the global lockdown.

The life simulation video game allows players to make in-game money by completing simple tasks (farming, chopping wood, etc.) and using this money to explore a deserted island by collecting and building things and essentially growing into an isle of anthropomorphic animals.  

As billions of people around the world have spent a considerable part of their time in Animal Crossing, this title has been a new remedy for people who wanted to interact with each other while keeping social distancing.

One of the players has emerged and successfully showcased his passion for bitcoin to the world in the alternate reality world. A few days ago, the picture above was uploaded by user “sthollis” on Reddit with a caption “Other people have ironwood kitchen. I have a bitcoin mine.” Since then, the post has gone viral with a 2.5k upvote.

That fact that “sthollis” is not the first person to build a bitcoin mining operation in video games. The renowned video game <Minecraft> has witnessed the creation of a semi-functional Bitcoin mining farm by using in-game props from user “DrDaBombz” back in 2014.

Another instance also happened in Minecraft when the YouTuber “TheRedEngineer” built a simpler version of bitcoin using command blocks. Using in-game props, the player has formed its mining protocol and wallet features.

Earn BTC effortlessly in the real world

Earing cryptocurrency in your daily life could become a trend. sMiles, an app established on bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which allows users to earn crypto by only doing everyday activities like walking, running, or better – playing video games or watching videos, will be launched soon by a startup StandApp.

Source: sMiles

Igor Berezovsky, the co-founder of sMiles, claimed that the app combines the idea of earning bitcoin could help people become “healthier, wealthier, and happier.”

Or, if you are not a fan of walking, you can earn BTC by sitting in front of your laptop. A lucky player at Bitcoin Games has earned 29.65 BTC (around $250k)  by winning an enormous pot. The online casino now owns many well-known games, which all have huge jackpots, including Slots with 500 BTC, Video Poker with 203 BTC, Keno amounting 250 BTC, all of which up to jackpots worth of more than USD 5 mln.


If you are in the crypto mix, now it would be perfect for you to explore all the wonders in the crypto world!