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Female Blockchain Empowerment – OKEx Celebrates With #WomenInCrypto


OKEx (, the world largest cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, initiated a social campaign in correlation to International Women’s Day (8 Mar), to show appreciation and to embrace the women’s empowerment to the industry. OKEx invited over 20 female leaders blossomed in the blockchain and crypto industry, across the different segments, e.g. media field, influencers, and organization leaders, to share their inspiration entering this field and their vision to the future.

“The International Women’s Day is a big day for everyone to celebrate gender equality and women’s empowerment. Humble-Outstanding-Diligent-Leaders. It is for women who hodl strong and generate positive impacts in the male-dominated crypto industry. Some may overlook their phenomenal work and neglect their incredible talents, but still, they persist and work even harder,” said Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx.

2020 – A Year for Women Empowerment

2020 is the year for women empowerment and gender equality more than ever before. Female contribution within Bitcoin community doubled from 5% in 2018, to nearly 12.8% today, according to recent data from CoinDance. Over the past years, more women have stepped up in the crypto space. Furthermore, they demonstrated their unique sense, creativity, and leadership in crypto through their exceptional contributions to the industry.

“#WomenInCrypto campaign is not only in celebration of today but to create awareness on gender equality. At OKEx, we value our female talents and are proud to achieve a high level of gender diversity across our offices. In the future, we will continue to empower women and create a happy and harmonious workplace with gender equality.” Jay added, in a recent open letter.

To Hear, OKEx Scoured High and Low of The Blockchain Voices

For this meaningful campaign, it will center on their amazing achievements that shaped the crypto space, and their insights on how everyone in the female crypto community can make a difference collectively.

“Fintech does open new opportunities to working women, who, in their way, open new horizons to the fintech industry. It is a mutually beneficial process. More and more strong women can be seen in crypto, it is also not a coincidence that the head of blockchain at one of the most influential communities in the world – the World Economic Forum – is a woman, a great professional and a mother of three,” said Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor of Cointelegraph, a well-known global cryptocurrency media platform. “Women are a great resource for the economy, so let us be strong women. May we encourage them, may we educate them.”

“We’re getting better at tightening the narrative, at explaining the benefits of cryptocurrency without overcomplicating it, at building the infrastructure, at putting out products that are more user-friendly with obvious USPs. But there is still plenty of work to be done as well as plenty of space for all types of people to join in,” said Christina Comben, Cryptocurrency Journalist of Bitcoinist, an ultimate resource for blockchain and crypto news. “Understand that the biggest barrier to entry may be yourself. Yes, this a male-dominated industry but no one is actively denying women access. Many of the females that have entered are killing it in the space. Blockchain is gender neutral. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise and don’t let anything stand in your way.”

“Crypto as we know it has been built not solely on blockchain but also on a strong community. We, women, are natural community builders. Now is the time for us to assemble and participate in crypto with a view of garnering financial independence and harnessing our innate skill set. Just as the dollars we spend are political statements – Bitcoin is no different,” said Diana Pires, VP, Institutional Sales of “For millennia we have cast our votes without being heard – cryptocurrency enables us to be heard.”

Women in crypto have long been underrepresented, and they deserved to be shone and treated with equal respect and opportunities. Apart from the hot news Bitcoin Halving, it would be a pleasure to take a side note, in appreciating the industry with a different growth. Please visit OKEx’s Twitter for more quotes by women in crypto.


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