Academy Trading Ideas Article

Futures Trading Techniques


To start trading click “Trade” and then “Futures” in the top menu bar.

Next to the “Coin-margined Futures” tag you can select weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly contract .

After selecting the contract type you can choose the cryptocurrency you wish to trade on the left.

If you have no fund in your Futures Account you need to click “Transfer” to transfer fund from other accounts to your Futures Account.

You can choose from two margin modes fixed-margin or cross-margin. In cross-margin mode, the margin of all holding positions will be shared. In other words all assets in your account will be used as your position margin. 

Where as in fixed-margin mode, only the assets specified for a particular position is used as margin.

You can adjust your leverage freely.

Take the BTCUSD futures as example, you can adjust the leverage between 0.01x and 100x. You can choose different fiat currencies as your quote currency, such as US Dollar and Chinese Yuan.

Similarly you can choose either the underlying assets or the contract as your trading unit. Each BTC contract stands for USD100-worth of BTC or USD10-worth of other cryptocurrency (such as LTC and ETH) for other contracts.

On the data bar your can view your account equity realized profit and loss (RPL) unrealized profit and loss (UPL) margin ratio and maintenance margin ratio (MMR) etc.

The biggest number is the latest traded price and the percentage next to it is 24-hour change.

Below them, you can find the index price and mark price. Down further there is a chart icon that directs you to a detailed price chart.

To view detailed price movements simply click to open the chart. If you want to trade while monitoring the market you can enter the full-screen mode.

On the right you can choose to open or close a position. We offer a range of order types such as limit, advanced limit and stop-limit, etc. You can also use a Best-Bid-Offer (BBO), or trade directly from the orderbook.

To open a new position, click “Open Long” or “Open Short”. Similarly to close a position simply click “Close Short” or “Close Long”.

To open a position, enter your ideal price and amount. Please note that your price should not exceed the maximum and minimum prices shown below.

If your order is filled it will be shown under the list of”Open Positions”.

If not it will be under “Pending Orders”.

All your futures positions can be found under the All Open Positions page.

Your trading history can be found in “Past Orders”. And all your futures positions holding are shown in “All Open Positions”. In the“Open Position” page and the “All Open Positions” page you can find the position size profit and loss liquidation price, margin and average price of your position.

Back to the top the is the Realized Profit & Loss. It represents the profits and losses of your closed positions.

Unrealized Profit & Loss represents the profits and losses of your open positions. Available Margin shows the margin in your account that can be used for opening new positions.

Used Margin is the total margin held as Position Margin and Order Margin.

Generally, Order Margin refers to the margin locked up until the order you placed is filled. The Margin Ratio acts as a risk index of your position.

When your position’s Margin Ratio(MR) falls below the Maintenance Margin Ratio(MMR)+ Liquidation Fee Ratio, forced-liquidation will be triggered.