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Global Elite Trading Team Contest


Join as leaders to win mega rewards

OKEx is now presenting the Global Elite Trading Team Contest, bringing an exciting opportunity for all OKEx traders to share 200,000 USDT!

In the 10-day challenge, traders are invited to build an elite team to trade USDT-margined futures & perpetual swap of any available cryptocurrencies. The best leader will stand a chance to win 30,000 USDT prize along with extensive media coverage and share OKEx’s 200,000 USDT prize pool.

Apart from joining as leaders, traders can still join an open team or a closed team via invitation codes. However, upon joining to a specific team there is no room for changes.

Read on to learn more about the attractive awards.We have 3 awards in total for the contest — Best Trading Team Awards, Leapfrog Awards, and Leader Rewards.

1. Best Trading Team Awards

The best team can win 30,000 USDT!

Teams are ranked by total yield in the contest. Each team member can contribute up to 5,000 USDT daily in the team.

The yield of each member = Account equity at settlement — Initial account equity — Funds transferred to USDT-margined futures or swap account + funds withdrawn from USDT-margined futures or swap account


2. Leapfrog Awards

Team spirit is important. The Leapfrog Awards are for those teams that never give up and show significant improvement during the contest. The team with the most improved ranking can share 15,000 USDT!

For this award, teams are ranked by their rank increment over the last 6 days in the contest.

Rank Increment = Team’s ranking on the last contest day — team’s ranking at the beginning of the 5th contest day


3. Leader Rewards — Popular Leader Awards

Popular leaders who show great leadership can win the below rewards according to the teams’ popularity points given by their team members:


The leader recruitment has just started! Don’t miss out on the important dates:

1. Leader Recruitment: 03:00 Dec 23, 2019–16:00 Dec 29, 2019 (UTC)

2. Time for recruitment of team members: 03:00 Jan 2, 2020–16:00 Jan 5, 2020 (UTC)

3. Contest Period: 03:00 Jan 6, 2020–16:00 Jan 15, 2020 (UTC)

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