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How to Buy OKB?

2020.06.15 limin.zhang

Step 1: Visit firstly, and choose OKB, and then enter the buying amount. Click “Buy Now” and jump to the next page.

Step 2: After you fill in the purchasing amount, the system will automatically calculate how many OKB you can receive, and at the same time you’ll also be prompted to choose the payment method. (Right now, there is a campaign in which when buying crypto worth $100 or above with your first order, you’ll get a bonus of $10 in Bitcoin.)

Step 3: Click “Buy OKB” after selecting payment method and confirm your order.

Step 4: Then it will to the C2C merchant’s payment page. All the merchants are verified, so it is secure to complete the payment. Please check the video below for more details.


If there are any problems on order, please submit a request and provide your order number and the payment proof, then OKEX customer service will handle the problem for you.

What’s OKB?

OKB, the global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation, is one of the fundamental infrastructures of OKEx trading platform. OKB is a deflationary token with a total supply of 300 million OKB, and a certain amount of OKB will be repurchased by the platform from the secondary market quarterly. OKB is currently issued based on the ETH network.

OKB has 52 internal and external application scenarios and benefits, with 9 fiat gateways including Euro, Korean won, Vietnamese dong, and so on. OKB trading pair is listed on more than 50 mainstream trading platforms as well. In the future, the OKB team will continue to provide excellent services to millions of OKB believers in 153 countries and regions.

OKB BlockChain Foundation has developed many OKB use cases with OKEx, including the construction of up to 14 platform-based application scenarios such as trading fee discounts, OKEx Jumpstart, OKB trading market, etc. along with 35 external application scenarios, covering payment, market data, wallet, lending and wealth management, cybersecurity, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment applications, which allow OKB holders to purchase products or services with OKB token. In addition, OKBs can be used in nearly 154 countries around the world in a variety of usage scenarios, such as online shopping, lending and banking, wallet, gas, phone bill charging, hotel reservations and more.

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