Academy Beginners Tutorial Article

How to Create an OKEx Wallet?

2020.02.13 何, 颖

OKEx Wallet is a multi-currency storage integrated into the OKEx App, allowing you to store all your digital assets at one place.

Not to be mistaken, the OKEx Wallet is different from your funding account. OKEx Wallet gives you full control of your assets by providing an easy seed phrase setup and backup procedures.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating an OKEx Wallet.

You can create an OKEx Wallet by either:

  1. Creating a new safe box
  2. Importing a new safe box

Creating a new safe box

  1. Select Wallet

2. Tap Create

3. Name your safe box

4. Set a password for your safe box

5. We highly recommend you to back up immediately to safeguard your assets

6. Create a back up seed phrase

7. Validate your seed phrase

8. After validation, you’re all set. You can now store, send, and receive digital assets by using OKEx Wallet!


  • Only BTC is accepted for miners fee
  • Please keep your password safe. If you lost your password, you can still recover it with your seed phrase.
  • But if you lost your seed phrase, there is NO way to recover it.