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How to Deposit and Withdraw digital assets on OKEx

2019.11.22 limin.zhang

Account set up is easy and takes around five minutes.

● Once you have your account set up depositing crypto is a four-click process, it’s designed to be quick, effective and easy to use.
● First, navigate to the top right of the window in which OKEx is open.

● Next, click the ‘Assets’ menu dropdown, and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ option, this is the second one in the list.
● Clicking this will open up the platform’s deposit screen.
● Here you can quickly and easily choose what type of crypto you’d like to deposit to your account from the exchange’s comprehensive lists, including a wide variety of stablecoins — that is cryptocurrencies pegged to a fiat currency.

● Depending on the asset you’re depositing, the platform will provide a deposit address in the form of a string of — what look like — random letters and numbers.

● Click the small blue square icon to the right of the deposit address to copy it, once you’ve done this you’ll receive a message saying ‘copy successful’.

● Copy this into the wallet you’re depositing your cryptocurrencies from to start the deposit process.
● If you’re using a QR scanner, click the small blue QR code icon to the right of the deposit address, this will open a small black and white QR code on your screen that can be scanned using the scanner on your chosen wallet app.

● Scan the code using the app and the deposit process will begin.
● After your deposit is complete your crypto will be automatically added to your funding account
● Remember, when you’re depositing crypto to your OKEx account make sure you deposit the correct crypto to the correct address. For example, only deposit Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address.

Withdrawal process

● Withdrawing is easy too
● Click the ‘Assets’ drop down and select ‘Withdraw’
● This will open OKEx’s ‘Withdrawal’ page

● Choose the token you want to withdraw using the drop down arrow in the ‘Token’ field
● Add the address of the wallet you would like to withdraw your crypto to, plus a note to help you record what the withdrawal is for
● Select the amount you’d like to withdraw, or select ‘Withdraw All’

● Click the submit button to start the process!

It’s that simple!
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