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How to Participate in OKEx Jumpstart

2020.06.15 何, 颖

Dear users, welcome to our OKEx Jumpstart. This passage will mainly talk about two parts for your further knowing about OKEx Jumpstart project. The first part is the steps to attend the project, and second part is about more details for rules.


First part: How to attend the project

First step: Prepare OKEx account overseas

Second step: Buy OKB

1.How to get a higher allotment amount via OKB

(1) OKBelievers Exclusive Allotment Amount

   (2) OKTraders Bonus Allotment Amount

Third step: Join in

Second part: Rules

1. Allotment:

2. Token Sale Details

3. Risk Warning

Now, in the first part, let us talk about how to attend the project, and it will be divided to three steps as follows:

First step: Prepare OKEx account overseas

Please prepare OKEx account first. You can visit: to get your account or if you have account already, then log in when you attend the project please.

Second step: Buy OKB

How to get a higher allotment amount via OKB

  1. OKBelievers Exclusive Allotment Amount

• Minimum threshold for participating in token sale: 5-day Average Holding Amount ≥ 100 OKB. If your OKB holding amount decreases or you stop holding OKB during the 5-day period, you may consider buying a larger amount of OKB before the token sale’s last random snapshot time to reach the participation threshold;
• Compared to buying large amount of OKB before the beginning of token sale, consistently holding OKB will guarantee higher allotment coefficients, and thereby acquiring a higher actual allotment amount;
• If the minimum OKB holding amount and average OKB holding amount correspond to different allotment coefficients, whichever the higher one will apply.

2. OKTraders Bonus Allotment Amount

The allotment amount will be determined by users’ accumulated spot trading amount (calculated in BTC) since OKEx established. The corresponding allotment coefficient can be viewed on the OKEx Jumpstart homepage and is shown as below:

Accumulated spot trading amount on OKEx (in BTC)[5, 10)[10, 20)[20, 50)[50, 100)[100, +∞)
Allotment coefficient for the second round12345

Kindly reminder: It would be better to buy OKB before 00:00 on 12th June (time only for OKEx Jumpstart 14th Project WGRT) so that the maximum Allotment Coefficient can be obtained; (If it is the last day when you found the event, then the currency must be transferred before 00:00 on 17th June in case of the unsuccessful allotments.)

Third step: Join in

The time for every OKEx Jumpstart Project holding is different, and this time we will take OKEx Jumpstart 14th Project WGRT as example, and you could visit for more details about the whole OKEx Jumpstart project.

After 12 o’clock on June 17 (UTC+8)( the time for OKEx Jumpstart 14th Project WGRT), visit and log in with your overseas account.

Or you also can enter the OKEx official website, and then click “Jumpstart”.

Then it will come to the allotment page, and you can click “Allotment Details” to the next page.

At 12:00 on June 17 (UTC+8) when you come to the WGRTSale page, click “Allotment” please.

(Note: the time mentioned above is all according to OKEx Jumpstart 14th Project WGRT)



1. Once the allotment period ends, tokens will be credited to users’ OKEx Funding Account and the corresponding amount of OKB will be deducted. Any remaining amount of OKB on hold for subscription will be released;

2. The second allotment session will begin after we finish calculating the results. You can use OKB released from the first session in the second session.

Token Sale Details

1. Snapshot rules: we will randomly snapshot users’ OKB holding daily, including Funding Account, Spot Account, Fiat Account, and Margin Account;

2. The historic cumulated spot trading volume includes spot trading volume and margin trading volume;

3. View your allotment coefficient: You can view your OKB snapshot records and individual allotment coefficient on the OKEx Jumptusers’ homepage;

4. Allotment Calculation

Both the OKBelievers Exclusive Allotment Session and the OKTraders Exclusive Allotment Session will follow the same allotment formula below:

(allotment formula)


5. Example

User A, B, C, and D wish to participate in the OKBelievers Exclusive Allotment Session. Let’s assume their OKB holding snapshots are as follows:

Minimum Daily OKB Holding5005010001500
Average Daily OKB Holding15005010005000

According to the table above, the OKBelievers Exclusive Allotment Session allotment coefficient of user A, B, C, and D will be 15, 0, 20, and 30 respectively and user B is not eligible for the subscription. Let’s say the session supply is 1000 tokens, then the subscription amount of user A, C, and D will be 1000, 300, and 500 respectively. The allotment will be as follows:


If during the OKTraders Exclusive Allotment Session, user A’s cumulated spot trading volume is 20 BTC and user B is 8 BTC, then their allotment coefficients in this session will be 3 and 1 respectively. Say if the total supply of the session is 300 tokens, then the subscription amount of user A and B will be 200 and 300 respectively. The allotment will be as follows:


Risk Warning

• According to relevant regulations, users from the following countries/regions (according to KYC information) cannot participate in the subscription: China Mainland, China Hong Kong, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, USA [including all USA territories such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, and the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas)], Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan;

• Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary. This announcement and any other information on OKEx are not to be regarded as investment advice. OKEx is not responsible for any losses generated by using the information thereof;

• Any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the process or the operations of the subscription will be disqualified from OKEx Jumpstart;

• In case of any dispute, OKEx Jumpstart reserves the right of final decision.

Thank you for your continued support and we assure you our best services at all times.