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How to Secure Your OKEx account

2019.11.22 limin.zhang

Today we will be walking you through an Account security update. Having all your details with the latest information input to OkEx is integral for a secure account.

First, move your mouse over the account drop down menu, it looks like a profile shot outline. Go down the drop down menu to profile settings and click there.

You will be taken to your account security settings and once there, press on the enable text verification link to set up your phone and email details.

The phone setting page should be on the screen now. Enter your country’s calling code and then your phone number. Click Get code and enter the text verification sent to your phone.

Next, Press get code for the email address you set up your OkEx account with and enter the code sent to your email. Finally, click continue to save your most up to date details.

Google Verification

After being Redirected to your account page, click on the settings link on the Google Verification row. You will be taken to the Bind Google Authenticator and will see a few QR codes.

Now open your phone, go to the authenticator app. Hit the plus sign in the top right hand corner and select scan barcode. Scan the barcode on the OkEx website that applies to your mobile device.

After that you should click get code to receive an SMS message with a verification code, enter the digits provided into the box after that has been sent. Back on the Authenticator app you should now see a code provided by OkEx. Enter that code and press continue.

Now you are all set up with your google authentication. The third section of your account verification is the Funds password section.

Once you have been redirected again, click on the settings button on the Funds Password row.

You will be sent to the Bind funds password page. Enter your password and confirm it again. Then enter your google authentication code which will be on the app on your phone and click continue.

Anti-phising code

Like before press settings on the row you need. You’ll be redirected to the Anti phising code screen. Enter your special code and re-enter your google authentication code.

Now your account information is all set up and your OkEx account is secured! For more tutorial videos and exclusive OkEx content keep watching and subscribe. Thanks.