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How to use the new candle chart trading features on OKEx

2021.09.18 OKEx

A guide to understanding and using OKEx's new candle chart trading features, including floating window, order lines and trade history.

At OKEx, we strive to ensure that our users have an accessible yet powerful set of trading tools at their disposal for an industry-leading experience. Our latest update brings new functionality to our candle chart interface, allowing users to execute orders faster than before and get visual cues to help them understand the positioning of open as well as historic orders.

In this tutorial, we go over how the four new features that can be activated via the candle chart trading interface, namely:

  1. Floating window
  2. Order line
  3. Average opening price line
  4. Trade history

Activating and using new trading features

In order to activate these new features, click on the Settings option (cog icon) in your trading interface and "check" all the new features you'd like displayed.

Activating new features via the "Trade settings" menu on OKEx

After you select the functions you want, click on Confirm and you'll see various new visual changes on your candle chart. We discuss them below.

Floating window

The floating window is the first visual change you will notice on your candle chart. This small window has three sections, titled "Market-buy," "Amount" and "Market-sell." Using this window, you can quickly execute market buys and sells at the prices that are being displayed.

The floating window feature, when enabled, allows quick execution of market orders

You just enter the number of coins/tokens you wish to buy or sell into the "Amount" field and click on the Market-buy or Market-sell buttons (green and red, respectively). 

The placement of this floating window can be changed by clicking on the left border (marked by the three small horizontal lines) and dragging it across the chart.

Order line

The order line is the next new feature that helps users visualize open limit orders. For instance, if you place a limit buy or sell order (limit orders are set at prices lower or higher than the current market price), you'll see a line on the chart corresponding with the price your order is placed on.

The order line feature allows visually observing and adjusting open limit orders

In the screenshot above, you can see two order lines. Both are red because they denote limit-sell orders. On the price scale to the right, you can see labels showing the limit price for these sell orders (0.30 and 0.35) while the line itself shows the number of coins or amount in each order (10 and 100, respectively).

Not only is the order line feature useful for visualizing open orders, but it also allows users to quickly adjust these limit orders by dragging the order line across the chart. To quickly close an open order, you can just click X on the respective order line. This feature makes trading much more intuitive and efficient for both newcomers and experienced traders.

Animated screenshot showing order line being dragged across the chart

Average opening price line

The average opening price line works much like the order line feature but only supports futures contracts and gives users more information about a position, including its average opening price, its profit and loss as well as its total size.

The average opening price line feature shows key information about open futures positions

Additionally, the average opening price line also has quick options to close the current position or market close all positions.

Trade history

The last feature we will be looking at is the ability to display trade history on the candle chart. This allows traders to quickly see labels on the candle chart showing where they bought or sold an asset.

When you activate the "Display trade history" feature, you will see small labels either on top or bottom of candles. The labels on the bottom say "B" while the labels on the top say "S" — denoting buy and sell, respectively.

Additionally, when you hover your mouse over a label, a small pop-up arises, showing you the total number of orders filled during the price action of that specific candle and the average order price.

Trade history option showing buy labels on various candles along with additional information

You can also get a more detailed overview of all the filled orders by clicking on the View details option on the pop-up. This opens up a new window with additional information (shown below).

A detailed overview of all orders filled during the price action of a specific candle

You can ultimately choose to display one or all of these new features on the candle chart while trading and customize the interface according to your own preferences. With these new features, we believe traders will experience increased accessibility and flexibility when trading on OKEx. 

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Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.