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How to withdraw BTC, ETH and more using Unstoppable Domains on OKEx

2021.02.09 OKEx

A step-by-step tutorial to withdraw crypto assets using Unstoppable Domains on OKEx

The recent Bitcoin bull run has resulted in tremendous user growth on OKEx, and while the crypto space continues to mature, it has numerous specifics that aren't entirely intuitive for new entrants. Crypto wallet addresses, with their long alphanumeric strings, are an example of this and can result in loss of funds due to human error.

This is where Unstoppable Domains comes into play. The service allows users to purchase decentralized domains that can be bound with wallet addresses for numerous cryptocurrencies. These domains, characterized by the top-level domain ".crypto," are tamper-proof and censorship-resistant.

Now, due to our partnership with Unstoppable Domains, OKEx is bringing its users human-readable wallet addresses, leading to a seamless crypto transfer and withdrawal experience. This integration will also greatly mitigate the risk of losing funds due to human errors. 

Using Unstoppable Domains to withdraw your cryptocurrencies to domain-binded addresses is simple, and below is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Purchase your own domain

Visit Unstoppable Domains and navigate to the top right corner to sign up for a new account.

After the registration, click on Get A New Domain from the left bar to purchase your own domain.

Step 2: Add crypto addresses to your domain

Once logged in, click on My Domains to view your purchased domains. Choose a domain and click on Manage to add crypto addresses.

The "Crypto" tab of the domain gives you an overview of all crypto addresses associated with the domain. To add a new crypto address, scroll down to the bottom and click on Add Currency.

Select the cryptocurrency to add and enter the corresponding address. 

Step 3: Use your domain to withdraw crypto from OKEx

With this integration users can use their domains to withdraw cryptocurrencies from OKEx. We will withdraw Bitcoin in this example.

Firstly, navigate to the drop-down menu "Assets" on OKEx and click on Withdraw. On the withdrawal page, select BTC as the currency. Then, select the applicable preferred withdrawal method and BTC withdrawal network. Click Continue to proceed.

Step 4: Enter your domain as the withdrawal address

To complete the BTC withdrawal, click Add new address in the "BTC address" field.

Enter your domain name from Unstoppable Domains as the BTC address. We use "wallaceyan.crypto" in this example. When you enter the domain name, the associated BTC address will show up automatically. You can then check the BTC address against the one linked to Unstoppable Domains for confirmation.

Enter your "address note" and click on Confirm to proceed.

Step 5: Confirm your transaction details

After you have selected the domain as the withdrawal address ("wallaceyan.crypto," in this example), enter the amount of withdrawal and click Continue to proceed.

Check the wallet details, the amount of withdrawal and fees in the pop-up box "Security Verification." Enter your "Funds Password" and click Confirm.

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