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International Women’s Day 2020: 24 Inspiring Quotes by Women in Crypto


Gender equality is a universal pursuit, and the crypto and blockchain industry is no exception. It comes as no surprise that, like other tech areas, the male makes up the majority in the blockchain and crypto space. According to CryptoNewsZ’s finding, only 12.28% of the people engaged in the Bitcoin community today are women, although the number is already up from only 5% in 2018.

At OKEx, we are committed to archiving gender equality in the workplace. We believe it is essential to embrace gender diversity and women’s empowerment. We value female employees’ talents, hard work, and contributions, and provide them with equal opportunities to succeed and shine, as much as we do to our male members.

After years of efforts, we have managed to achieve a gender-balanced workforce this year. So, we are stepping up our efforts to raise the awareness of gender equality and women’s empowerment in the industry.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we have created a dedicated campaign #WomenInCrypto to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions made by female industry players and inspire those who are working hard for success in their roles. The campaign features heart-to-heart sharing from 24 amazing ladies who have made impressive contributions to the field.

Wonder how they break the stereotypes and excel in the blockchain and crypto world? Here’s a look at their exciting journeys and powerful statements that highlight what’s possible for women in crypto.

 “Crypto as we know it has been built not solely on blockchain but also on a strong community. We, women, are natural community builders. Now is the time for us to assemble and participate in crypto with a view of garnering financial independence and harnessing our innate skill set. Just as the dollars we spend are political statements – Bitcoin is no different. For millennia we have cast our votes without being heard – cryptocurrency enables us to be heard.”

– Diana Pires, VP, Institutional Sales,

“For emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, talents of diverse backgrounds are always required to push forward the innovation. With a majority of female leading strategy, communication and business development roles in the industry, it opens up great opportunities for female new entrants to get involved in technologies more than ever. Me and my co-founder TongTong Bee deeply believe in the capabilities of female in spearheading the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, and are excited to see our strengths in disrupting the world.”

– Alyssa Tsai, Founder & CEO, PANews

“How to create equal environment? Crypto industry has natural advantages, it’s such a new industry and offers much more equal opportunity for everyone compared to traditional industries. Men and women are on the same starting line and have the same opportunity to change the old world and create the new world. Of course, it is also an industry that requires broad professional knowledge like legal, finance, technology, compliance etc. It helps us to have more opportunities to find our specialties and match our background or if we want, we can understake more remarkable challenges. So, as women we do not just want to shout slogans, but need to prove ourselves using our intellect, excellent empathy, and communication ability with actions to fight for gender equality.”

– Seirai Li, Taraxa Community & Marketing Recika CMO, Taraxa / Recika

“I’m Lilith Li. I’m A feminist.

Blockchain & cryptocrrency Industry is the best place to work as a woman even you don’t code. You might show your ability which has have endeavoured for years, as well as be yourself as the way you are.

I’ve joined in a Singapore-based blockchain project for 2 years form newcomer to expertise. There are many fantastic opportunities to learn from people and grade up yourself. For instance, you could taste the high-end technology how it works; you also could be a new trader excited for understanding the digital market process; you may also work with specialists together who come from different industries and countries. One day, you would realise that brilliant people are working around you, and you are one of them.

No prejudice, no sexism.

I’m Chinese, I’ve lived in Tokyo for nearly 10 years.

In Japan, women do not have enough space to be successful because of the old-fashion culture and the thinking from traditional society. They keep silent, humble, compliant and satisfying all the time. They act ‘A GOOD Girl’ and ‘THE SAME AS YOU’ for protecting in daily life. That was what I learnt from Japanese women.

In Japan, we do need more enthusiastic ladies to work in here to show your skills, including thought, language skills, communication, social, sense as louder as you can.

I’m responsible for Women in Blockchain community as a Japanese specialist, which is founded in New York and collaborates with blockchain women to enforce the region co-working.

In blockchain & cryptocurrency world, only a few women have been fighting there. They are reliable, respected, successful. Would you love to be the next lady?”

– Lilith Li, Japanese Specialist, Women in Blockchain

“Women bring so much to the workplace. From varying perspectives and leadership styles, to approaches when handling situations – it’s important for businesses to hire women and foster that diversity. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, receiving that much-needed support and having continual opportunities to grow is incredibly important. When industries peel back their restrictive environments and provide women with those opportunities, everyone can flourish!”

Sandra Yap, Director of Partnerships, Zcoin

“Living a life with meaning takes courage, guts and limitless energy. Being the mother of two while meeting the needs of a tough work environment is something that lots of women in the 21st century face: it’s challenging and rewarding at the same time. Life is a beautiful journey with constant ups and downs but what’s most important is that we are alive and we can enjoy every minute of the ride. I feel truly blessed to have found my calling in the world of blockchain, a digital mission that has connected me with amazing people who have dreams that are bigger than themselves. Working day and night really drains you. But, in the end, you come out as a new person, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I feel grateful for all the hardships I had to endure because they have made me a better person along the way. It’s especially true for my fellow women who have to work super hard to achieve great goals while being there for their amazing children. Take this message from me on the International Women’s Day: Love your work, love your life, because true work always makes you look beautiful.”

Faye, Co-founder, 99Ex

“Thanks to bitcoin, people are freer and enabled than ever to compete based on their ideas and value creation, unshackled from old biases on gender, race, pedigree and others. The bitcoin system allows to market price every tiny piece of value creation from the hard work and creativity, and passes that reward throughout the value chain in real time. Now it’s time for everyone to rethink what value you are creating that will make a positive impact on your 7 billion peers.”

Ella Qiang, Southeast Asia Manager, Bitcoin Association

“My personal mantra is that the best way to predict the future is to build it. Let’s focus our energy and talent on creating a future that we envision, instead of wasting time with naysayers. Control your destiny by being your own biggest advocate.”

Emi Yoshikawa, Sr. Director of Global Operations, Ripple

“Blockchain technology is not only a technology revolution also changing the society and humanity at large. Decentralized vector of Blockchain provides females with equal access to broader education, financial management (individually and institutionally). Women and girls do not need to be from Wall Street but still a part of global economic decision-making. Blockchain brings finance independence to females and help ending the gender-based discrimination in schools, in offices, and at home, internationally. It is time for female to shine.”

Xiaoying Ren, Director of Strategic Alliance, Cointelegraph Japan

“I think that this is an industry marked by misconceptions and misunderstandings. Many people (both women and men) either believe that you have to be a developer or an economist to get involved – or that they’ve missed the boat and it’s too late.

We’re getting better at tightening the narrative, at explaining the benefits of cryptocurrency without overcomplicating it, at building the infrastructure, at putting out products that are more user-friendly with obvious USPs. But there is still plenty of work to be done as well as plenty of space for all types of people to join in.

You don’t need to be a computer scientist (or a man) to understand the value of a decentralized digital currency that unshackles us from the control of governments and central banks and provides us with individual financial sovereignty… You just need a curious mind and a willingness to learn.

Also, understand that the biggest barrier to entry may be yourself. Yes, this a male-dominated industry but no one is actively denying women access. Many of the females that have entered are killing it in the space. Blockchain is gender-neutral. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise and don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Christina Comben, Cryptocurrency Journalist, Bitcoinist

“Women have a critical role to play in the Blockchain and Crypto space. Women are naturally nurturers, more trustworthy and often pay attention to details that are likely to be overlooked, such as using cryptocurrency for good.

It is our responsibility as women to be forebearers of the change that has come to us, Blockchain and crypto have given me a voice and a chance in a world full of bureaucracies, it can do the same for other women too. Having more women participating in the crypto space could bring about positive change. Women are great communicators and they can help bring balance and trust to the crypto ecosystem.”

Yaliwe Soko, Chairwoman, United Africa Blockchain Association

“I am happy to observe that new technologies let women fulfill themselves both in their professional and private lives, organize their time and bring their ideas to the world, permitting business to be more inclusive and diverse. A female vision of the future represents different values, important goals and ways of achieving them, and it is great that today we can share and be heard. Fintech does open new opportunities to working women, who, in their way, open new horizons to the fintech industry. It is a mutually beneficial process. More and more strong women can be seen in crypto, it is also not a coincidence that the Head of Blockchain at one of the most influential communities in the world – the World Economic Forum – is a woman, a great professional and a mother of three.

Women are a great resource for the economy, so let us be strong women. May we encourage them, may we educate them.”

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor, Cointelegraph

“With a technology that’s only 11 years old, it’s an emerging space where women can get in early and improve the ratio of male vs female innovators and leaders in the blockchain industry. You don’t need a degree in computer science to blossom and make a success in this industry, you need motivation, a solid business plan, and perseverance.”

Adel, Co-founder and Project Leader, DAPS Coin

“Blockchain and crypto are world-changing technologies and women should be involved in them. The number of women in IT, STEM, crypto, and blockchain is still small. There is huge potential for empowered ladies, who are not yet involved. Let’s all encourage women to utilise their qualities in this emerging industry.

There is lots of work to do for developers, (tech) leaders, marketing managers, communication experts, speakers, (web) designers and more great opportunities. So if you can point a lady into the right direction to follow her dreams, to use their potential, then go for it. It can be your little sister, a friend or even someone you met on the big worldwide web. Every small contribution can in the end lead to a more diverse and inclusive blockchain and crypto world.”

CryptoLady, Founder,

“I think women can bring creative thinking to an industry that currently has trouble bridging novel technology to useful and mainstream applications of it. That is how I think and feel as a systems designer in a successful tech company.

Bitcoin cannot find it’s a true success by simply being brilliant software architecture. Nor can it live up to its destiny, by solely being a niche wonderland for techies or investors. It needs mass use! It needs people marketing and designing for this mass use.

So who are these people going to be? It’s all of us. It’s not people building the Bitcoin node software. It’s people from existing industries, finding a use case for running their service (or parts of it) more efficiently via Bitcoin.

Bitcoin as an ecosystem opens up an abundance of possibilities that have yet to be capitalized on. It provides a secure, open, global record, and rapid, cost-effective communication of all kinds of transactions, agreements, and data.

For the last decade, people were not entirely awake to this. Most of us, even those of us who have known about Bitcoin for a long time, were ignorant to the potentials of Bitcoin — hidden in plain sight in the code of Bitcoin’s first version: 0.1.

It is up to all of us with the passion to share and build on these discoveries of the true nature of Bitcoin, to fully realise the global coming of Bitcoin as an Internet 2.0.

Bitcoin is not just an investment: It is a network and infrastructure that much of our modern conveniences and services would benefit to run upon.

So let’s help realise Satoshi’s dream by developing and promoting massively popular services on Bitcoin that live up to Bitcoin’s design and true destiny!”

Reina Nakamoto, Systems Designer, @mindstatex

“Crypto is a constantly evolving and multi-discilplinary industry. Don’t feel intimidated by the seemingly overwhelming amount of information – think critically, be resilient, and have confidence in your own voice. Most importantly, have fun making an impact in our world!”

Mia Deng, Dragonfly Capital

“Everyone talks about Cryptocurrency adoption.

Want to speed up the process? Get more women involved!

While women have started taking up senior positions in the biggest Cryptocurrency companies, we need many more of us investing and working in this industry. Talk to you your girlfriends, sisters and that girl you always want to start a conversation with. (Wanna learn something cool? is a great ice breaker 😛)”


“We are living in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. It is a time where creativity and bold ideas have become the new norm and it will be those people embracing this new era who will also help change it for the better. This is the reason why I champion education and share information so more people will understand the boundless opportunities that Blockchain and Crypto can have on shaping our society as people, as a community and as an individual person regardless of your ethnicity, gender or social background. I have always valued the good things in life and in what we may achieve if we work together and stay connected. This is exactly why I recently joined the ICON Ecosystem and the P-Rep ICONPLUS team to inspire and challenge others to work together. True innovation includes everyone.”

Mounia Rabhi, ICON Public Representative, ICONPLUS

“International Women’s Day started in 1910. I pay tribute to those who started this movement in that era. And now in 2020. We have to go to the next phase. Blockchains and crypto currencies have evolved by eliminating borders and connecting individuals. Do not forget that blockchain also has the potential to create women’s freedom and equality.”

Mai, MissBitcoin

“For blockchain technology to achieve mass adoption, we need many more talents esp. women to join us in this industry. Research shows that women excel in taking initiative, acting with resilience, driving for results and displaying high integrity and honesty, qualities that are essential to help the industry realize its vast potential.

That said, I believe the most important reason for women to join this industry is because it is FUN. From my own experience, this has been a nerve-racking yet exhilarating ride. A ride where I’m humbled all the time, constantly on my toes, yet learning every day and treading and making marks in a vast territory where very few have ever crossed. Join us on this ride!”

Fangfang Chen, Head of Operations, Algorand Foundation

“Adaptation and understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies may seem like a difficult thing at the beginning.

Don’t forget the fact that: “Everything is hard before it is easy!”

Making hard things easy is the hidden power of us. Never underestimate your talent do it. Don’t be afraid to learn new things.

Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer of change. Don’t be afraid to compete in the men’s world. Don’t let the society and the current condition keeping you out of the game.

Every transformation will need our compassionate touch and detailed perspective; like blockchain transformation does.

Başak Burcu Yiğit, Co-Founder, Istanbul Blockchain Women

“The number of entrepreneurial women who are developing projects in blockchain technology, or taking active parts in projects is still very few, although it tends to increase. Considering the use cases, it is possible to say that we have started to see profiles of lawyers, bureaucrats, academicians, public personnel or mid or C-level executives working on corporate blockchain solutions that are trying to contribute to the ecosystem in terms of regulatory and governance issues.

Regarding the cryptocurrency side of the business, we see that women are approaching cryptocurrencies as an investment/savings tool rather than trading, because of their instinct of being more cautious.

On the other hand, women are creative by nature. Women must have a touch in developing this technology and creating new ideas. In this way, we think that technology can be adopted and expanded by wider masses. Structures that will encourage women to cryptocurrency transactions need to be constructed. As a perception of common awareness that all software environments, especially computer games, are male-dominated, we care about breaking this perception and encouraging women to work in this ecosystem that can create added value and open new horizons.”

Ebru Güven, Co-Founder, Istanbul Blockchain Women

“Bitcoin is all about freedom of choice and I for one hope that we see more women use it as a mechanism to create opportunities for themselves. To the other women in the industry, I’d say – let’s keep building. Maybe one day, the question, “What is it like to be a woman in the space?” will be obsolete.”

Girl Gone Crypto, @girlgone_crypto

Lastly, here are some words from our Chief Strategy Officer, Alysa Xu.

“What I love about crypto? It is non-discriminatory, regardless of your gender, education or cultural background. In crypto, everyone is equal. It’s a true manifesto of ‘decentralization’.

For a woman working in the tech industry for nearly 10 years, I do get asked a lot, ‘Why there isn’t a lot of women in blockchain?” and I always give them the same answer, there are. They just don’t get the same level of exposure or recognition as their male counterparts and that’s the problem of the space.

I want to motivate more women to get involved in crypto, I want to see women in power, and most importantly, I want women to capitalize on this amazing opportunity to grow and glow. Crypto is not some sort of boys’ club, it is all-encompassing, all those ladies who have joined us in the #WomenInCrypto campaign are the perfect examples of how women can lead, shape and contribute to the industry.”

Alysa Xu, Chief Strategy Officer, OKEx

Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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