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OKB Global Ecosystem Monthly Report — June 2020

2020.07.02 OKEx
OKB June report image

In June, OKB hit a number of noteworthy milestones. For one, OKB single-day trading volume continued to surpass $300 million. Also, OKB Ecosystem onboarded six new global partners, covering many currently popular application fields such as digital currency wallets and big data. Furthermore, OKB team successively opened up two well-known channels on Spot Trading and Buy Crypto.

OKB single-day trading volume reaches $301 million 

Key OKB adoption metrics for June 2020. Source: OKEx

The OKB Ecosystem has continuously provided high-quality services to followers from 154 countries and regions in the world. Among them, the most active holders this month came from Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition, this past month, the OKB trading pairs with the top trading volumes were with major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT).

OKB Markets in June

Below is an overview of OKB’s price — including high, low and gains — over the month of June. 

OKB markets in June 2020. Source: OKEx


Market comments 

According to crypto data aggregator Coincodex, OKB ranked first among the three major tokens that the market should focus on in June. Coincodex stated that the value of OKB will be further enhanced with the implementation of important ecological construction such as buy-back and burn.

Six new partners join the OKB ecosystem

Continuously creating value for users is one of the most important goals for the OKB Ecosystem’s construction. We continuously select the most valuable application scenarios and the most convenient trading channels for the benefits of OKB holders.

In June, the OKB Global Ecosystem welcomed a total of six new partners on board. The new partners cover many core areas such as crypto wallets, blockchain gaming, big data and API transactions.

OKB Ecosystem partnerships in June 2020
  •  On June 3, OKB began a partnership with major crypto wallet Coinomi, which boasts millions of users and 168 fiat trading channels, greatly expanding the asset storage and trading options for global OKB users.
  • On June 10, OKEx became the first cryptocurrency exchange to integrate Flipside Crypto's FCAS (Fundamental Crypto Asset Score) into its platform. The metric assesses the overall health and performance of cryptocurrencies based on user activity, developer behavior, and market maturity, and will allow traders to make better-informed decisions directly from within the OKEx platform. OKEx's utility token OKB has also been listed on FCAS, providing token holders with complete transparency.
  • On June 15, blockchain gaming giant Enjin officially joined the OKB Global Ecosystem. OKB users can now exchange and store supported gaming assets via Enjin.
  • On June 20, OKB reached a strategic cooperation relationship with Guarda, a well-known European crypto wallet developer. Through Guarda wallets, OKB users can store and transact between assets more conveniently.

So far, OKB has a total of 65 global partners and continues to provide first-class services to millions of users around the world. Our trusted partner services cover dozens of industry fields including payments, trading, wallets, loans and financial management, technical security, tourism, life services, entertainment, social networks, electronic contracts and more. 

OKChain's Hackathon Campaign and expanding OKB users' rights 

Continuously optimizing and enriching the internal rights of all OKB users was still one of our key tasks in June. At present, we have made several key steps in users’ rights, notably related to decentralized blockchain OKChain and crypto fundraising platform OKEx Jumpstart. OKB holders will receive OKT — the native token of OKChain — as an airdrop. 

OKChain's Hackathon Campaign

Since the OKChain test network was upgraded to version 0.10, the community has completed the OKChain stability test and added two major functions: approval votes for super nodes and independent construction of a decentralized exchange. In Cosmos’ Game of Zones cross-chain test competition, OKChain got excellent and satisfying results.

To further increase OKChain's ecological empowerment and user rights, the community decided to hold a Hackathon Campaign for all users before July 20, and award outstanding teams and developers up to $5,000 worth of OKB. 

The Hackathon Campaign includes, but is not limited to, innovative applications such as developer tools, entrusted node services, market computing plug-ins, SDK and staking.

OKEx Jumpstart

In order to further enlarge OKEx Jumpstart users' rights, OKB collaborated with WaykiChain for the sale of its governance token, WGRT, on the Jumpstart platform.  

Up to now, OKB has created a total of 14 internal rights to users, including transaction fee discounts, OKB leveraged trading, small asset conversion, OKB savings, OKEx Jumpstart and more. Our goal is to continue to continue expanding and create more rights and benefits for OKB users.

More promo campaigns to give benefits

Campaigns for community benefits

From June 1-5, OKB opened exclusive activities to celebrate International Children's Day. 

During the same period, OKB, in conjunction with the well-known blockchain project Metaverse, airdropped 1 million of Metaverse’s Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) to OKB users. Participants only needed to buy 10 OKB to obtain 1,000 DNA. New users could also get an additional 500 DNA airdropped. 

In addition, OKB continued to run the campaign "Buy OKB to receive USDT" for users around the world. Qualified users will receive a reward of 10 USDT for purchasing OKB worth 100 USDT.

Community interactions

From June 11-30, OKB jointly organized seven live broadcast activities with many well-known blockchain projects, organizations and groups, including BitTorent, Neo, TRON, Bitcoin Diamond, Bytom, Lambda and SatoshiClub, reaching hundreds of thousands of active blockchain users.

OKEx Summer Super Rewards Season Calendar

On June 26, OKB's official Telegram community held a live broadcast titled “Present and Future of OKB” to report on OKB's construction and future strategic planning and layout.

Looking forward to a new month

All in all, we’ve observed a gradual increase in the number of developing OKB applications over the past few months. Together with our development team and the support of OKB holders, we expect OKB to continue to expand the scope of its applications in the months and years to come.

In the future, the OKB team will strive to offer the highest quality service to more users and help build  consensus in the OKB Ecosystem and the blockchain industry at large. 

If you have any questions or comments for the OKB or OKChain teams, please reach out via the contacts below:

OKB Email: [email protected]

OKChain Email: [email protected]

OKChain Telegram: https://t.me/okchaintech

OKB Team

July 2020

Disclaimer: This material should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions. Trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary

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