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OKB price hits all-time high as users enjoy OKT mining rewards

2021.02.08 OKEx

OKB Global Ecosystem Monthly Report — January 2021

OKB is a global utility token issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation and is a fundamental part of the OKEx trading platform's infrastructure.

What has OKB been up to in January?

OKB kept its positive momentum in January as its price reached an all-time high of 9.50 USDT. Users could also stake OKB to mine OKT in OKEx Swap and OKEx Farm.

  • OKB's price hit an all-time high of 9.50 USDT. The price of OKB started at 7.55 USDT and finished at 5.694 USDT.
  • Users could stake their OKB in OKEx Swap and OKEx Farm to mint OKT.
  • Users could earn extra OKB in weekend quizzes.

OKT's initial mint

OKB holders participated in the initial minting of 10 million OKT from 4:00 pm UTC on Dec. 31, 2020, until 4:00 pm UTC on Jan. 14, 2021. 

All 10 million OKT were distributed to OKB stakers through OKEx Jumpstart.

OKEx Swap and OKEx Farm support OKB staking

The Swap and Farm modules of OKExChain were launched successfully on Jan. 22. 

Users could stake their OKB in OKB/USDT and OKB/OKT liquidity pools to mine OKT as rewards.

Earn OKB in community campaigns

To equip users with better knowledge of the product, OKEx hosted three weekend quiz sessions — where users could earn 10 OKB each. The weekend quizzes covered OKExChain, the Unified Account update and Cross-Chain Gateway.

Talk to us

In order to maintain close communications with users and listen to their suggestions, the OKB team also held a number of important community activities in December. 

Users can add OKB’s assistant (WeChat ID: OKBNO1) to receive more information and benefits.

If you have any questions or comments for the OKB, please reach out via the contacts below.

Follow OKEx

OKB email: [email protected]
Official OKExChain website: https://okex.com/okexchain
Official website for OKEx DEX: https://www.okex.com/dex/spot/trade
Official website for OKEx Swap: https://www.okex.com/dex/swap
Official website for OKEx Farm: https://www.okex.com/dex/farm
OKExChain technical community: https://t.me/okexchaintech
OKExChain documentation: https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
GitHub: https://github.com/okex/okexchain
OIP: https://oips.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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