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OKChain Hackathon Update, Less Than Two Weeks Remaining

2020.07.10 OKEx

The OKChain Hackathon, organized by OKEx, started on June 5 and has seen participation from a number of well-known entities from around the world. Meanwhile, ten renowned project founders, chief scientists and technology analysts have also come on board and will be conducting a joint review of the proposed projects.

Hackathon participants

As of today, 23 teams and 2 individual developers have signed up for the Hackathon and 16 entries have been submitted, covering various aspects, including decentralized exchanges, digital wallets, virtual machines, blockchain browsers, staking service products, development tools and cross-chain interactions.

In terms of applications for payment services and digital wallets, teams such as Squeezer, Beijing ChainsGuard, OneChain and DappBirds have successively submitted their product development plans.

Squeezer is an overseas platform that integrates micro-services with the blockchain industry to support application developers. Beijing ChainsGuard specializes in security solutions and services while OneChain brings the social element to transactions and wallet usage. DappBirds is a DApp platform that integrates data analysis, design, distribution, operations and other aspects, and includes nearly 5,000 DApps and more than 10,000 smart contracts.

Moreover, TokenView and Cosmostation, well-known blockchain browser creators, have also participated in the application development campaign. The block browser created by TokenView currently supports nearly 100 blockchain data queries while Cosmostation is an enterprise-class validator node operator and end-user application developer.

Several teams and developers have also submitted proposals in the fields of staking products, blockchain insurance, APIs, development tools, SDKs and virtual machines. Some of these include NewDEX, AITEX, Ankr, NetCloth, Bi23 Labs and wallet.fo, etc. Whereas other teams that are yet to submit their products include Bit Dimension, Navigato.io, Tavitt and Zxplus.

Hackathon rewards, rules and details

The OKChain Hackathon aims to encourage users towards creative application development based on the OKChain public chain system. The campaign deadline is July 20. Winners will be announced publicly at the end of August and OKChain will reward teams and individuals up to $5,000 in OKB tokens.

According to the Hackathon’s rules, in the case of OKChain Improvement Proposal-only submissions, winners will receive up to $500 worth of OKB. Submissions that include OIPs and products will qualify for rewards of up to $5,000 worth of OKB.

Hackathon reviewers

The industry leaders who will be jointly reviewing the submissions include DappOS founder, FengNiao, Finance founder, IPFS Force Zone co-founder and chief scientist, Xin Li, FIBOS founder, Ma Xiang, CoinDesk Chinese version chief operating officer, Leiyang Xin, Dapp.com founder and CEO, Kyle Lu, Ankr co-founder and CEO, Ryan Fang, TokenInsight partner, Wei Zhao, TokenInsight chief analyst, Johnson Xu, AWS blockchain industry senior technical expert, Wang Shiyu, and AWS software engineer, Yuan Ye.

Two weeks left

OKChain aims to promote the development of large-scale commercial blockchain applications. The cross-chain technology adopted by OKChain facilitates the exchange of value and the creation of an entire ecosystem of value-added services complementing each other. At present, the OKChain testnet has implemented a number of industry-leading technical features, including customized applications, a multi-chain ecosystem and data layering.

The Hackathon campaign has less than two weeks left and developers are welcome to participate by submitting their proposals on OKChain's technological development, product design and ecological planning, or by building development tools, SDKs, browsers, wallets and staking service products based on the OKChain testnet. 

About OKChain

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