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OKChain Monthly Report – May 2020

2020.06.10 limin.zhang

Dear valued users:

Since the release of the OKChain testnet on February 10, 2020, and after four months of development by community developers, significant progress has been made in the aspects of public chain technology, product design, and ecosystem construction.

Currently, the OKChain testnet has updated to v0.10, the progress of OpenDEX has completed by 50%, and that of research & development on DEX Leverage Trading by 60%.

Besides, nearly 30 institutions have reached partnerships with OKChain and contributed technology support and research service to the OKChain community. The first OKChain Hackathon Campaign presented to worldwide technical geeks in this early June.

Please read the below for more details of OKChain Monthly Report:

OKChain TestNet Upgrade to v0.10

DEX v0.10 released:

Blockchain Explorer upgraded to v0.10:

Development Version Updates

OKChain upgraded to v0.10.7:

okchain-go-SDK upgraded to v0.10.0:

okchain-java-SDK upgraded to v0.10.0:

New functions added to OKChain v0.10

Approval voting added to OKChain

OpenDEX added to OKChain

Stability Test for OKChain v0.10

Version assesses as stable. The current block height is 6,577,120 and it has dealt with over 80,000,000 transactions. Each block contains 10 – 20 transactions.

Empty structure for testing was found in the generation code of tendermint layer which was submitted and reported to the Cosmos community.

OpenDEX Desk Version Updates

Product design completed by 50% and the prototype has entered the UI design phase.

The whole function of DEXOperator has completed by 45%, HTTP API, transaction fees matching and input/output logic accomplished. The research on the development framework of the OpenDEX desk version has initiated.

Spot Leverage Trading

Development progress has completed by 60%. A demo version can be available in early June.

The function of depositing and withdrawing credit fund added

The function of depositing and withdrawing coins added: to offer a fund pool to satisfy lending and withdrawing demand.

The design problem solved about the insufficient risk fund when wearing happens

The function to support to set the max leverage ratio, lending ratio and security fund ratio added

Wasm Smart Contract

Two issues from the Cosmos community received, in which issue 226 100% solved, and the contract code of its solution completed by 60%.

The solution to issue 301 is under the survey

Isomorphic Cross-Chain Development

OKChain team joined in three phases of GoZ (Cosmos cross-chain testing contest) and ranked 42 in the first phase of the contest.

OKChain’s integration into IRISwallet completed.

Ecosystem Updates

1. Ecosystem Partnership

More than 30 institutions from five fields including public chain, browser, wallet, mining pool, and security institutions have joined the construction of the OKChain ecosystem. After the successful update of v0.10 version, OKChain received cooperation proposals from the following organizations:

  • Fibos proposed to cooperate with OKChain in the heterogeneous cross-chain solution, DEX trading protocols, and the other three aspects. Fibos joined in the OKChain testnet supernodes running list.
  • KAVA proposed to offer help to build up cross-chain Defi and data solution plans to the OKChain ecosystem.
  • Bytom proposed to offer Multi-sidechains alliance, mutual recognition of side chain’s Tokens, mutual participation in the governance of each other’s federal nodes, and connect side-chain ecosystems of Okcoin and Bytom.
  • CertiK proposed to offer CVM and DeepSEA to power OKChain, and build block explorer and DeepWallet for OKChain.
  • IRISnet and OKChain jointly participated in GoZ and reached in-depth cooperation in technology fields. Also, IRISnet proposed to offer technical support to OKChain in the fields of Defi, wallet application, and explorer.
  • Besides, NULS, Vite, YeeCo, and TrueChain joined in the construction of the OKChain testnet.

2. OKChain TestNet Supernode Updates

OKChain TestNet invites institutions and individuals to build up Supernodes. The supernode list accomplished in the testnet phase will remain until the launch of the second phase of the OKChain mainnet.

Currently, please check the the supernode list via the below URL:

3. The First OKChain Hackathon Campaign

The first OKChain Hackathon Campaign based on OKChain testnet 0.10 and above is officially launched. Developers can participate in by submitting proposals regarding OKChain’s technical development, product design, and ecological planning. Proposal submitting address: Or you can build developer tools, develop SDK languages, make browsers and wallets, and provide staking product services based on the OKChain testnet to participate in the campaign.

Campaign details:

Shall you have any advice or suggestions, please send it to the below email address:

Email: [email protected]

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June 10, 2020