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OKExChain Monthly Report — July 2020

2020.08.07 OKEx

OKExChain continues to make significant progress in the world of public chain technology, product design and ecosystem construction. In the month of July, OKExChain was updated to v0.10.10, while bug fixes and code optimization was conducted on OKExChain v0.11. Meanwhile, OpenDEX Desktop saw 50% completion of v0.0.2, and the OKExChain smart contract was updated to CosmWasm-go API version 0.8.

We are also pleased to announce that OKExChain's first Hackathon Campaign's submission phase has come to an end, and reviews will start in the middle of August.

Technological progress

Development version update

OKExChain upgraded to v0.10.10

OKExChain-go-SDK upgraded to v0.10.0

OKExChain-java-SDK upgraded to v0.10.1 

Four bug fixes and code optimization for OKExChain v0.11

We completed the examination functions of "sending disabled" and "blacklist checks" on the token module before executing "send" and "multi-send," and submitted them to the branches of the master and release/v0.10.10 at the same time.

We found and fixed a bug in a trading response of OKExChain and also solved the problem of weight calculation when staking proxy executes delegate. Finally, we resolved the lack of proposer checking when proposing to delist token pairs.

OpenDEX Desktop v0.0.2 completed by 50%

The new version of OpenDEX desktop v0.0.2 will support local node mode, including websocket and rest API for data updates.

At present, the development of opendex-desktop has been completed by 50% and 70% of opendex-ui has been developed.

Smart Contract, Wasm 

The development of the local library of CosmWasm-go API v0.8 has been completed, and the JSON library is 70% ready.

With this, OKExChain became the first validator on the CosmWasm testnet to support it.

OKExChain contributed the following code to CosmWasm this month:

We upgraded the CosmWasm-simulate tool to support contract simulation of CosmWasm v0.10. We also completed the cross-contracts examples calling the development of CosmWasm and forwarded it to the community. The CosmWasm-simulate tool now supports multi-contracts as well as running scripts in JSON format for automatic testing.


At present, OKExChain code has been made compatible with Stargate cosmos-sdk, v0.39.0, which is ready to serve IBC cross-chain. OKExChain will start a new testnet for IBC function testing on the basis of the existing testnet.

Ecosystem updates

The submission phase for OKExChain's first Hackathon Campaign has come to an end.

Currently, a total of 22 teams and individual developers have participated in the competition. The entries target various areas including DEX, digital asset wallets, APIs, virtual machines, blockchain browsers, staking, developer tools, SDKs, cross-chain communication and other innovative fields.

In addition to the OKExChain community, 10 well-known project founders, scientists, technology geeks and analysts have joined hands to conduct reviews of the proposed projects, and the results will be announced at the end of August.

These include founder of DappOS and CoinBirds Richard Liu, IPFS Force Zone co-founder and chief scientist Xin Li, FIBOS founder Ma Xiang, CoinDesk Chinese version COO Leiyang Xin, Dapp.com founder and CEO Kyle Lu, Ankr co-founder and CEO Ryan Fang, TokenInsight partner Wei Zhao, TokenInsight chief analyst Johnson Xu, AWS blockchain industry senior technical expert Wang Shiyu, and AWS's Yuan Ye. (This list is in no particular order.)

If you have any feedback, queries or suggestions, please contact us at https://t.me/okexchaintech

About OKExChain

OKExChain Technical Community: https://t.me/okexchaintech
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OKExChain Doc: https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
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OKExChain Community

Aug. 7, 2020

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