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Academy OKExChain Article

OKExChain Monthly Report — June 2020

2020.07.08 OKEx

Dear valued users:

OKExChain continues to make significant progress in the world of public chain technology, product design and ecosystem construction.

Currently, the OKExChain testnet has updated to v0.10.9. The OpenDEX-Desktop and UI have gone open-source. Spot Leverage Trading has now reached 100% completion, and OKExChainSWAP’s model design has also been completed. Additionally, OKExChain-wasm single-node testnet completed deployment of a single-node network alongside the completion of the cosmwasm-simple tool’s development.

Furthermore, 23 teams participated in the first Hackathon Campaign, and 16 entries have been received from teams.

Please continue reading for more details of OKExChain Monthly Report.

Technological progress

Development version update

OKExChain upgraded to v0.10. 9:


okexchain-go-SDK upgraded to v0.10.0:


okexchain-java-SDK upgraded to v0.10.0:


New Open Source







Stability Test for OKExChain v0.10

OKExChain v0.10 has been assessed as stable. The current block height is 7,410,206, and it has processed 10,974,688 transactions. Each block contains 10–20 transactions.


OpenDEX-Desktop, OKExChain's first desktop program, is open-source and has released Version 0.0.1. 

In addition to the transaction and wallet functions provided by the original WEB of OKEx, users can quickly issue their tokens and transaction pairs on the testnet through the program. 

The product is still in continuous iteration, and the support of local and custom nodes and token management will be opened later.


The OKExChainSWAP model design has been completed. The OKExChain poolswap module has also been implemented based on OIP-3: TOKEN SWAP. The code has been merged into Github OKExChain master and will soon enter testing.

Spot Leverage Trading

Development progress has reached 100% completion. The UT coverage rate is 95% or greater. A demo version is now available.

Wasm Smart Contract

The OKExChain-wasm single-node testnet has completed mirror compilation, deployment and the test of a single-node network — while cosmwasm-go poc is 85% complete  


The development of the cosmwasm-simulate tool has been completed and has been uploaded to the cosmwasm community. 

OKExChain project information has also been added to the home page of the Cosmos community.

Isomorphic Cross-Chain Development

The OKExChain team joined GoZ — a Cosmos cross-chain testing contest — and won the Liveness Reward in the first phase of the contest.

To learn more, check out the following link: 

Ecosystem Updates

OKExChain TestNet Supernode Updates

At present, 59 teams have successfully applied for a supernode on OKExChain’s testnet. They include:

  • HelloPool
  • ipfsforce
  • chainsguard
  • BitSong
  • Ankr
  • RenrenBit
  • BKBT(Beenews)
  • Newpool

Projects that become supernodes in the testnet phase will receive reservations in the first phase of OKExChain main testnet. Please check the current supernode list via the link below:


OKExChain Hackathon Campaign

As of June 30, 23 teams and two independent developers have participated in the first OKExChain Hackathon Campaign — and 16 entries have been received. The participants come from:

  • NewDex
  • NetCloth
  • Ankr
  • BitSong
  • OneChain
  • ChainsGuard
  • Squeezer
  • Bi23 Labs
  • DappBirds
  • Tokenview
  • FO Wallet
  • Cosmostation

NewDex is a decentralized exchange that launched on EOS and has supported EOS sidechains such as BOS, TELOS, FIBOS, MEETONE, ENU, WAX and LYNX. It has become the largest EOS-based decentralized exchange.

NetCloth is a next-generation high-performance public chain network with the consensus of BPoS. NetCloth APP, listed on NetCloth chain, provides services to users — including personal data protection and multi-asset wallets.

Ankr is the first Node-as-a-Service platform for blockchain nodes deployment.

BitSong, based on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint, is an open-source blockchain with the mission to simplify the music bureaucracy.

OneChain is a social network chain developed and operated by the OneChain Foundation. OneChain integrates blockchain-based social, wallet and trade applications.

Beijing ChainsGuard Network Technology Co. Ltd focuses on blockchain security — including, but not limited to, security services for exchanges, wallets, chain nodes and mining pools.

The BTSPP team developed the BitShares mobile wallet (BTS++) btspp.io for the BitShares community — integrating transactions, mortgages, transfers, private transactions, multi-signature proposals, community voting, etc.

Squeezer is an all-in-one solution created with the main goal of accessing blockchains as a service and making the job easier for global developers to build and deploy dApps on different blockchains.

AITEX team members are all from Beihang University who have won MCM/ICM top prizes and have published academic papers related to the blockchain industry.

Bi23 Labs serves as a PoS infrastructure service provider and validator — and is the active validator on more than 10 blockchain projects.

DappBirds is an all-in-one dApp platform offering services from dApp data analysis to blockchain design, modification, issuance, operation, cross-chain solutions and transactions. Currently, more than 5,000 dApps and 10,000 smart contracts have been listed on the platform.

Tokenview, as a blockchain explorer service provider, offers blockchain data inquiry services to around 100 public-chain users.

FO Wallet is one of the FIBOS ecosystem partners developing and operating a wallet product.

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator node, infrastructure provider and end-user application developer.

With the end of the OKExChain Hackathon Campaign less than two weeks away, developers can participate by submitting proposals regarding OKExChain’s technical development, product design and ecological planning.

To submit a proposal, do so at this address: https://github.com/okex/OIPs. Alternatively, you can build developer tools, develop SDK languages, make browsers and wallets, and provide staking product services based on the OKExChain testnet to participate in the campaign.

Campaign details:


If you have any advice or suggestions, please contact us here:


About OKExChain:

OKExChain Technical Community: https://t.me/okexchaintech
OKExChain Official Web: https://okex.me/okexchain
OKEx DEX: https://okex.me/dex-test
Claiming TOKT: https://okex.me/drawdex
OKExChain Doc: https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
OIP: https://oips.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

OKExChain Community

July 7, 2020

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