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OKExChain announces partnership with the Waves ecosystem

2020.11.20 OKEx

OKExChain, a public blockchain independently developed by the world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Waves ecosystem.

Waves protocol, at a glance

Launched in April 2016, the Waves protocol is an open blockchain that provides a diversified development toolset for Web 3.0 decentralized solutions. The protocol supports developers seeking secure, reliable and scalable environments to build decentralized applications.

The protocol’s core development team is now aiming to leverage cross-chain technology solutions to enhance the scalability and efficiency of DeFi products and drive adoption.

Details of the OKExChain x Waves partnership

Waves and OKExChain share similar design philosophies and development plans that facilitate future synergies. To achieve deeper inter-chain connectivity, OKExChain’s partnership with the Waves ecosystem also involves — apart from the Waves protocol itself — two other protocols, Gravity and Neutrino, and spans the following areas:

Connecting OKExChain to more public blockchains

The Gravity protocol, a blockchain-agnostic oracle system and a cross-chain infrastructure powered by Waves, will connect OKExChain with other public blockchains in its network.

Building a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem

Being the core component of Waves’ cross-chain ecosystem, the Gravity protocol will enable OKExChain to transfer assets across multiple blockchains. In order to build a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem, OKExChain will be able to connect public blockchains like Ethereum, TRON, Solana and Waves via SuSy, a cross-chain gateway built on top of the Gravity protocol. Assets issued by OKExChain users will also be listed on decentralized exchanges such as waves.exchange.

Enabling cross-chain asset transfer

Assets in the Waves ecosystem, such as WAVES, USDN, NSBT, WEST and other tokens, could be used and listed on decentralized exchanges and swaps built using OKExChain. 

This will also be achieved via Gravity protocol’s cross-chain gateway and will result in traders and developers from both ecosystems being able to exchange, hold and use tokens issued on both, the Waves protocol and OKExChain.

Providing developer-friendly tools

Gravity can provide decentralized oracle services for OKExchain’s users. In addition, OKT, the native token of OKExChain, can be used to provide economic incentives for Gravity’s users. For OKExChain developers, the Gravity protocol provides a handful of off-chain information that helps them to develop multi-functional applications.

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