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OneChain Joins OKExChain Ecosystem

2020.07.21 OKEx

As we move the OKExChain TestNet 0.10 forward, OKEx is proud to welcome OneChain to the OKExChain ecosystem!

What is OneChain?

OneChain is the world’s first social network chain, developed and operated by the OneChain Foundation. OneChain protects user privacy and assets by ensuring the security of its blockchain-based social features, wallet and trading application. The project aims to continue improving useability in order to lower the barriers to entry when it comes to the mass adoption of digital currencies.

Joining the OKExChain ecosystem

OKExChain is a public blockchain that is independently developed by world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx. It became 100% open-sourced on April 16, 2020.

The cooperation plan between OneChain and OKEx pertains to:

ONE App: A mobile app with integrated blockchain-based social features, a multichain wallet and decentralized exchange.

Secure Social Data: All user information is stored on-chain, all data is encrypted end-to-end and is as secure as Bitcoin. Supergroup is also supported.

Wallet: One set of mnemonics will support all public chains, as well as Chinese mnemonics. Now supported: OneChain, BTC, ETH, EOS, Bitshares, RChain and more than a dozen other public chains.

Trading: Support for multiple integrated decentralized exchanges. Now supported: OneChain DEX, Newdex, Bitshares DEX, etc.

OneChain’s new version has completed testing with OKExChain’s testnet and tried social features for OKExChain users, wallet usage for OKExChain tokens, trading support for OKExChain pairs and support for OKExChain’s stake voting among other features.

OKEx looks forward to the realization of these goals and welcomes OneChain to the OKExChain ecosystem!

About OKExChain

OKExChain Technical Community: https://t.me/okexchaintech
OKExChain Official Web: https://okex.me/okexchain
OKEx DEX: https://okex.me/dex-test
Claiming TOKT: https://okex.me/drawdex
OKExChain Doc: https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
OIP: https://oips.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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