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Option:open position and close position

2020.06.23 何, 颖

In the last episode, we have learnt how to buy and sell options on OKEx. Next, we will be talking about how to close your positions and calculate PnL.

Click “All Open Positions” and you can check the details of the options you are holding.

Select the one you want to close, eg. BTCUSD-20200327-6000-P. Click “Flash Close” on the right ,then you open up a pop-up. Click “Confirm” to close the option at the best ask price. Then, you can place a limit order to do so.

If it is not your desired close price, you can set a price manually. Click the option you want to close under Open Positions to enter an express trading panel on the right.

Enter the price and the amount you desire in the Price(BTC) and Amount(Cont) respectively and click “Close” to place a limit order.

You can also use the above panel to do so. If you clicked “Buy”, you need to click “Sell” to close the position, and vice versa.

So, how to calculate PnL? Let’s go back to the last example. You can see the average entry price is 0.0030 BTC, and the close short price is 0.0040 BTC. The close short gain is (0.004-0.003)*0.1*2=0.0002 BTC. The calculation is (close price – open price)*contract multiplier*number of contracts. The calculation of close long gain is (open price – close price)*contract multiplier*number of contracts. After the close order is executed, you can check the traded price and transaction fee in Options History.