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Academy OKExChain Article

Tavitt Joins OKExChain Ecosystem

2020.07.27 OKEx

As we move the OKExChain TestNet 0.10 forward, OKEx is proud to welcome Tavitt to the OKExChain ecosystem!

What is Tavitt? 

Tavitt is building a platform that allows you to earn travel expenses while you are traveling, making the dream of a traveling lifestyle come true. With its Travel Recommendation service, TAVITT, travelers can sell their original package tours to other, general travelers, as well as earn rewards.

As the world is entering an era of unprecedented information accessibility, travelers seek more personalized, original package tours, which is where Tavitt comes in with life-changing experiences.

Joining the OKExChain ecosystem

OKExChain is a public blockchain that is independently developed by world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx. It became 100% open-sourced on April 16, 2020.

The cooperation between Tavitt and OKExChain will see Tavitt supporting communication between various ecosystem participants in order to facilitate partnerships and synergies.

The proposed next steps include: 

  1. Issuing Tavittcoin on OKExChain.
  2. Developing a DEX for Tavittcoin.
  3. Creating a mechanism that allows each project that is participating in OKExChain to transmit information to other projects on OKExChain.

Tavitt aims to be a critical member of this ecosystem by easily and efficiently realizing the value of interoperability and communication between various projects, sharing their expertise and know-how to drive the entire group forward.

OKEx looks forward to the realization of these goals and welcomes Tavitt to the OKExChain ecosystem!

About OKExChain

OKExChain Technical Community: https://t.me/okexchaintech
OKExChain Official Web: https://okex.me/okexchain
OKEx DEX: https://okex.me/dex-test
Claiming TOKT: https://okex.me/drawdex
OKExChain Doc: https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
OIP: https://oips.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

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