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What is a Fund Transfer?

2020.01.02 limin.zhang

New Features: Funding Account & Trading Account

To help you manage your funds better, we have launched a new feature under “Account” named “Funding Account”.

“Funding Account” is just like a bank account which is used to store, receive and send your digital asset to another wallet. All your future deposits and withdrawals will have to go through this account. If you would like to perform trades under different trading zones, you will first have to transfer your funds from “Funding Account” to the respective trading account, such as spot account or futures account.

“Spot Account” will no longer serve as the main account for handling your deposits and withdrawals. It will, instead, serve as a spot trading account only.


How to Manage Funding Account?

Select “Account > Funding Account” to manage your funds. You may deposit or withdraw funds by using the column on your left. Basic information like the total estimated value of your account and the proportion of owned token will be shown on the page.

How to Start Trading?

Under “Funding Account”, select “transfer” of the token you wish to trade. Then choose the trading account, amount to complete the transfer.

You may also click the arrow in the middle to transfer funds from trading account back to “Funding Account”.

How to Check My Transfer Record?

Select “History” to check all deposit, withdrawal, and transfer records.

What is Trading Account?

We have now grouped all your trading accounts (i.e. spot account, fiat account, futures account) into a Trading Account. You may transfer funds between your accounts under this tab.


Select “Funding Account” at the home page (image 1), then you will be directed to “Funding Account” (image 2). You may deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds here (image 3), and you can also check the funds history (image 4).









More features will be launched in “Funding Account” in the coming future. Stay tuned!

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