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Why OKB — Earn in DeFi, get discounts & early access with OKEx’s platform token

2020.06.23 OKEx

What is OKB?

OKB is a globally available ERC-20 utility token issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation. It plays an integral role in connecting the various services and products available to OKEx users and is a deflationary token by design, thanks to the Buy-Back and Burn initiative.

Benefits of using OKB on OKEx

There are numerous advantages and utilities available to OKB users within the OKEx ecosystem, as highlighted below.

Trading fee discounts 

Active traders are constantly seeking ways to improve their profitability and trading fee discounts can make a notable difference. By holding OKB within a sub-account, OKEx traders can save up to 25% on trading fees.

Save OKB and earn

OKEx users have access to OKEx Earn — a section dedicated to passive-earning opportunities. Alongside support for various digital assets, the Earn section also allows OKB holders to earn interest on their savings.

OKEx Jumpstart

For users seeking more active opportunities, OKEx Jumpstart allows OKB holders to stake their holdings and earn reward tokens from upcoming blockchain projects. Additionally, holding 100 OKB tokens for five consecutive days also allows participation in Jumpstart token sales, where user allotment rates and subscription amounts depend on the size of OKB holdings.

Miscellaneous benefits

Apart from the OKB use cases listed above, OKEx users can also convert their small balances to OKB, use OKB for margin trading, C2C lending, voting, etc.

Using OKB outside of OKEx

In order to provide additional value to our users, OKEx has established partnerships to expand OKB use cases outside the platform. A number of partners now accept OKB as a means of payment, and both online and offline merchants can use our API within their own marketplaces.

Several security and cold wallet companies also support OKB storage, including Coinify, Coinomi, BTT, Ledger Vault, Guara Enji and more. OKEx continues to foster new partnerships and expand the OKB ecosystem.

Get into DeFi with OKB

OKEx has been one of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges when it comes to the DeFi space and was the first to list derivatives for Uniswap's UNI token.

Our commitment to supporting innovation and the DeFi economy is evident from the projects we have listed on the platform (numbering up to 50, as of Oct. 1, 2020). Additionally, we are also providing users with the most comprehensive range of DeFi trading products, including perpetual swaps, coin-margined swaps, savings, margin trading and derivatives.

Finally, recognizing the growing trend of liquidity mining, OKEx also enabled support for yield farming via our Earn section. OKEx users can now yield-farm on protocols like Uniswap, YFII, Compound and Curve — all without having to leave the OKEx platform. 

The next step for OKEx is to explore OKB integration with DeFi platforms and expand our offering of yield-farming opportunities for OKB holders.

High demand, decreasing supply

Apart from its various use cases, OKB is also designed as a deflationary token, with a continually reducing supply. This is achieved with our Buy-Back and Burn program. Launched in May 2019, the Buy-Back and Burn program uses 30% of spot market transaction fees to buy OKB back from the community and then burns it. The latest buy-back round took place between June 1 and Aug. 31, 2020, when a historic amount of OKB tokens, worth $21 million, was burned.

OKExChain and the launch of OKT 

OKExChain is an open-source decentralized public chain created by OKEx and is designed to promote the development of large-scale commercial applications. The blockchain's native cryptocurrency is OKT. OKB holders will soon be able to claim the newly minted OKT when the OKExChain mainnet is launched.

OKExChain's architecture has been designed to allow any user to apply to become a supernode, allowing developers and businesses to quickly and securely launch a variety of decentralized applications, issue digital assets, create trading pairs and trade without friction. 

To offer a scalable, efficient and user-optimized development experience, OKExChain currently supports multi-chain parallel developments, bringing interoperability to a large pool of users. In the near future, OKExChain will also support programmability via the Ethereum Virtual Machine, including all of the standard Ethereum developer tools.

The OKB ecosystem is constantly growing and adapting to the ever-evolving blockchain environment, and the OKB team is committed to maintaining this trajectory in order to provide powerful functionalities and unmatched user experiences — both on and off the OKEx platform.

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