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YOYOW Joins OKExChain Ecosystem

2020.07.16 OKEx

As we move the OKExChain TestNet 0.10 forward, OKEx is proud to welcome YOYOW to the OKExChain ecosystem!

What is YOYOW?

YOYOW is a blockchain-based content value network, aiming to use technology to quantify content contributions via a decentralized consensus method. The YOYOW project has completed several milestones since its launch in 2017, and new features slated for YOYOW 3.0 include support for Turing-complete smart contracts, a Smart Content Token and inter-blockchain communication.

Joining the OKExChain Ecosystem

OKExChain is a public blockchain that is independently developed by the world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx. It became 100% open-sourced on April 16, 2020.

The cooperation between the YOYOW Foundation and OKExChain will see the two build an interconnected, inter-blockchain ecosystem, bringing USDK, OpenDEX, OKT, OKB and other DeFi services provided by OKExChain to the YOYOW blockchain.

On the other hand, the smart tokens of the YOYOW blockchain can also see applications on the OKExChain ecosystem using the inter-blockchain technology. 

The cooperation between the two parties will also include:

1) The YOYOW Foundation has considerable experience in blockchain development, maintenance and operation, and as an ecosystem partner of OKExChain, it will participate in OKExChain’s node scheme.

2) After the release of the Tendermint PegZone inter-blockchain technology in YOYOW 3.0, the two projects will achieve inter-blockchain transfers, where assets on YOYOW can be transferred to OKExChain, while YOYOW can benefit from OKExChain’s DeFi services. 

3) In addition to Tendermint PegZone inter-blockchain technology, YOYOW 3.0 will also support heterogeneous inter-blockchain technology — the use of which will allow the project to achieve interoperability of tokens from heterogenous blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS between OKExChain, YOYOW and others. This will allow OKExChain, OpenDEX and YOYOW DEX to be connected, improving their liquidity and trading pairs.

The YOYOW 3.0 roadmap also includes the development of high-performance smart contracts and WebAssembly virtual machines. The Wasm runtime will support smart contracts in C++ and facilitate developers wanting to create contracts and decentralized applications for the YOYOW blockchain. Meanwhile, the smart contracts will allow the creation of niches like decentralized finance, decentralized gaming, decentralized asset management and so on.

OKEx looks forward to the realization of these goals and welcomes YOYOW to the OKExChain ecosystem!

About OKExChain

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