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2020.07.03 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯

Already a few days ago the Cardano Daedalus wallet has received an important update in the test network. With the new version “Daedalus Flight” it is possible to use the wallet already, while it synchronizes with the Cardano blockchain during the first installation. This eliminates the long wait, which could take several hours with earlier versions of Daedalus, before the wallet can be opened.

Regarding a possible release date, Jue said that new features will be released weekly on the test network, and given the current progress, Shelley mainnet is expected to be launched by the end of the second quarter, although she did not want to commit to that date:

I’m not comfortable sayying Jun3 30th is a lock. But as we get closer, you kind of see the magic of this roll-out, and I hopefully the community will be happy and will be more involved while we are doing this.

According to Guillemot, a release for the mainnet has not yet been made for the mainnet because major changes have been made to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), making a release dependent on community feedback.

Yoroi Shelley Testnet browser extension now supports multiple wallets! Please let us know what you think and, based on your feedback, we will make it available on Yoroi mainnet at a later date.

In addition, Guillemot announced “Yoroi Nightly”, which will be continuously updated with the latest features on the test network every day at night and can then be tested immediately by users. With this, Emurgo hopes to receive faster feedback on the improvements of the Yoroi extension and the Yoroi app.

Last week we launched Daedalus Flight, our new mainnet wallet testing program. With the help of the new Haskell backend, our latest release enables background syncing, so you can start using the wallet right away. Take it for a test flight today…

Author : Jake Simmons