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3% profit with Ethereum-based token

2020.07.06 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯

A new rebound to the $8,000 range could be fatal for ETH’s price due to its correlation with BTC. The financial app will also allow its users to stake the token. In a benefit program that has 5 levels, users will be able to unlock each level that will progressively have higher staking requirements. However, each level will offer greater rewards. Each level will allow users to unlock a new product category that they can purchase with their partners:The more you use the Plutus Card, the faster you will earn PLU and rise up the levels, unlocking increasingly more fiat cashback opportunities. Whilst Level 1 has an incredibly low entry of 1 PLU; the highest, Level 5, carries a staking requirement of 5,000 PLU.

The higher levels or bonus levels (4 and 5) will allow users to earn up to 8% in rewards on top of the usual cash back. There will be factors that determine the percentage of reward received such as membership longevity, seasonality, among other factors. As can be seen in the image below, a £134 purchase will give a fiat return of £12.06 plus an 8% bonus which would make it £13.03. In addition, users will receive a 3% reward on the PLU token which will be added to purchases with the app.

Author : Reynaldo