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VeChain was named one of the 300 blockchains

2020.08.06 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯

The German Federal Office for IT Security has released the study. According to their study, VeChain was named one of the 300 blockchains for its intelligent supply chain management, thanks to Vechain's advanced technology. As part of the market analysis, the study aimed to check and evaluate the security of the 300 blockchains.

The study also attempts to identify possible application areas for the projects evaluated. The 4 criteria of the study are: the market that the blockchain should be relevant to, the number of security events, security and evaluability. In this way, BSI obtained specific information about the situation of each blockchain under study.

VeChain, Corda and EOS among recognized blockchains

The study recognized 8 blockchains of the 300 studied. In addition to VeChain, Corda and EOS were among the blockchains. The study says that Corda could be used to develop health-related applications, if there are no other candidates. EOS, on the other hand, received recognition for being a technology that allows the construction of decentralized applications and for its market capitalization of $3 billion. This makes EOS highly relevant in the market.

The report studied the open source code of VeChain, EOS and Corda and used automated analysis tools such as static code analysis and manually checked the security-related components of the code.

About VeChain, the study states that its technology is similar to Ethereum and offers a wide range of practical applications:

The VeChain blockchain will store information about certain products. Unlike OriginTrail, VeChain has a much higher market cap and is supported by a high number of large companies. With the study of VeChain and OriginTrail, the field of application “Supply Chain Management” is covered.

In addition, VeChain and DNV GL also partnered with Italian brand ICAB La Fiammante to use the VeChainThor blockchain to record all information related to the Italian tomato supply chain in a pilot project. VeChain also partnered with pharmaceutical giant Bayer to develop a blockchain-based platform called Csecure. The platform will be used to improve drug delivery management in clinical trials. It will also aim to improve data transparency, traceability and efficacy of these trials.

Author : Reynaldo