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Ethereum-based platform optimizes supply chain in India

2020.08.07 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯
According to a press release, the Government of India will implement an Etherspace-based cargo transport platform in its customs to digitize document processing. the implementation of CargoX is part of India's plan to improve its supply chain. The implementation will be done in conjunction with Portall, a company that specializes in facilitating trade through a digitized supply chain. Portall maintains PCS 1x in 19 Indian ports which arre connected with more than 16,000 shareholders doing digital business through the platform. Now PCS 1x will be integrated into the CargoX platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT). The platform, according to the statement, has been successfully tested by Portall and will allow the digitization of the “bill of lading” documents, among others. Shareholders will be able to access the CargoX platform through the P-CaSo service integrated in the PCS 1x. According to the statement, this will give access to India’s major ports that handle about 60% of the country’s total cargo traffic. In addition, they handled about 705 million dollars in cargo between 2019 and 2020 and 20,837 vessels. Portall Infosystems’ president Manish Jaiswal was enthusiastic about cooperating with CargoX and stressed that both teams are enriched by their expertise from various industry sectors. Jaiswal added: This way we are able to understand the needs of the customers well and provide for the best-suited solution. As a service partner, CargoX stands for values that we stand for – transparency and innovation, sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions (…). India’s initiative has been accelerated by the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The Indian Ports Association (IPA) and the Federation of Indian Logistics (FILA) have emphasized this and together with the Government of India have started taking action to boost the digitalization of the country’s supply chain. In that sense, CEO and founder of CargoX Stefan Kukman said the following: We have developed the CargoX Platform for contactless, distributed online teamwork – and we are glad we did. In these times of multiple risks to our common society, we are proud to help shipping companies, who represent the backbone of the economy, resolve supply chain document sending issues and enables them to meet delivery deadlines everywhere in the world, in a secure and efficient manner, while also lowering the document transfer cost. Author : Reynaldo