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CRETEC delivers the IOTA based QBIC station

2020.09.03 币圈资讯, 币圈资讯

Germany-based CRETEC GmbH has presented an innovation in COBOTS aimed at creating "entirely new possibilities for highly efficient visual solutions" in a manufacturing environment based on a common industry 4.0 platform with highly scalable IOTA communication protocol. Cobots or Collaborative Robots are robots designed for direct interaction between humans and robots (human-robot communication). QBIC station developed by CRETEC GmbH, based on IOTA Tangle, among others, is now available and can be shipped now. Collaborative robots can be used in manufacturing and hold the promise of creating entirely new possibilities for efficient visual solutions.

The German CRETEC GmbH is specialized in networked technologies and multidimensional image processing in the field of industrial 4.0 development and develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance modules and complete solutions of industrial image processing, code reading systems, intelligent LED lighting and cobot vision. The technical basis for this is especially the networked digital communication on industrial 4.0 platforms up to the IOTA Tangle.

Already a few months ago, the company had introduced the robot in a video (see below). But now the QBIC station has received the status “now available”, so that the product can now be delivered. The QBIC station can cooperate directly with humans without the need for complex protective devices (closed cells).

In addition, the station implements an interface from IOTA, also known as Pay-Per-View/Pay-Per-Production (PoP) solution, which enables permanent and unalterable archiving of the recorded data in the Tangle. In the PoP model, a manufacturer generally gives a machine to an operator without leasing or rental fees, nor is the machine sold. All payments are made directly through the use of the machine. On the one hand, the interface enables the transfer of values per achieved production step by means of the cryptocurrency IOTA, on the other hand it also enables the storage of data in the Tangle.

As stated in the CRETEC product description, the Cobot’s sensitive sensor technology opens up high safety standards in collision detection and control through the components sensor, evaluation electronics, communication and control. Furthermore, the QBIC station can be installed quickly and easily and offers a wide variety of new applications thanks to its three-dimensional mobility. According to CRETEC, the product also offers the following advantages:

The modular QBIC systems are a new generation of mobile fully automatic work platforms, which are particularly easy to operate, very fast and can be used individually. The whole thing on an area of only 0.8m x 0.8m and 2m height. Integrated are the electrics, controls, PC, cameras, vision modules, intelligent lighting, communication modules, monitor, robot and an additional mains-independent power supply. The QBIC station can be disconnected from the mains plug and moved immediately to the new location while still fully functional.

Regarding the Tangle technology, CRETEC states in the product description that the Tangle has significant advantages over the blockchain technology in the industrial sector and therefore chose IOTA:

In IoT the possibilities of the classic blockchain are strongly limited. The IOTA protocol, however, ensures fully automatic and almost absolutely secure communication in IoT with high performance between many machines. This platform is based on a new Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) called Tangle.

This basic technology works decentrally in a network, is verifiable and the data can be used unchangeably by several parties simultaneously and in parallel. This makes it possible to make large amounts of data available very securely to many users. Anyone can control exactly who has provided which information at what time.

Author : Jake Simmons