“OK Piggy” is a campaign which allows users to earn rewards by completing specific tasks, such as logging in, trading, and depositing. "Adopt an OK Piggy during the promotional period to get a 3-day 20%-off margin interest coupon! Level up your OK Piggy to a Bronze Piggy before 17:00 Feb 19 (CET) to win a 7-day 50%-off coupon, or a Silver Piggy for a 15-day 100%-off (interest-free) coupon!"More prizes and games will also be launched
How to Claim OK Piggy
Piggy Weight Class
  • Light 10g
  • Bronze 200g
  • Silver 1200g
  • Gold 12000g
  • Platinum ???
  • Diamond ???
  • King ???
  • Share
  • Coupon
  • Share
  • Coupon

more prizes awaits!

Golden piggy figurine

Gain Weight
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