Supports EOS Ecosystem
Owned by OK Group - a world-leading blockchain technology group, OK Blockchain Capital is a venture capital firm which focuses on financing emerging blockchain projects. In the past five years, OK Group has accumulated extensive experience in blockchain technology development. It has made multiple pioneering investments and formed various strategic partnerships in the field. Currently, OK Group operates blockchain-related businesses under the brands (digital asset exchange), OKLink (global settlement network) and OK Blockchain Academy. OK group has also formed global strategic partnerships with world-class partners such as OKEx and other derivatives trading platforms.

Our Advantages

  • Global Client Base
    We have set up operations hubs in different countries and regions around the world such as China, Hong Kong, Korea, and the U.S. Our large global client base will act as a solid foundation for the EOS community and boost the vitality of the ecosystem.
  • Myriad Resources
    We have already set up an investment fund for the EOS-based projects, financing over USD100 million to help to promote EOS' ecosystem. We will supply capital, technologies, and operations resources to support the EOS ecosystem. Our incubators around the world will also provide institutional services and resources for EOS-based projects every year.
  • Advanced Technology
    The experienced OK Blockchain Academy will provide cutting-edge technology support to Dapp of EOS in order to push forward the implementation of EOS ecosystem projects.
  • Amplify Liquidity
    The digital asset exchanges of OK Group and our global strategic partners will help to boost the liquidity of EOS and EOS-based projects.
  • EOS Core Values
    We share the same vision and same values with EOS: freedom & impartiality. OK Blockchain Capital is committed to promoting the development of the EOS ecosystem and the popularization of blockchain technology.

Core Team Member

  • Alyssa Tian
    Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of OKCoin, President of OK Blockchain Capital
    A serial entrepreneur and expert in the IT industry. She has served a number of important roles in many publicly listed company including Yiche, eLong, and Shanghai Zendai Property. As a core team member and the co-founder of a financial technology startup, she had helped the company to reach a 300 million RMB transaction volume within only 6 months, and turn the startup into a competitive player in the field. Alyssa joined the digital asset exchange OKCoin in 2016, responsible for branding and marketing for OKCoin and OKLink.
  • Junghwan Cho
    Chief Executive Officer of OKCoin Korea
    Junghwan Cho is the founder and CEO of OKCoin Korea, and also the senior advisor of EOS-OK community. He has been committed to building the blockchain technology infrastructure in financial and investment fields. Junghwan Cho had worked for several top financial institutions in South Korea, and developed a number of financial derivatives.
  • Jun Yu
    Partner of OK Blockchain Capital
    He was a Seniror Investment Director at Fosun Group. Jun also served as product manager, product director and director of Corporate Development at Renren Inc.(NYSE:RENN). He has led the investments of SoFi, SnowBall Finance, JinFuZi, etc. Jun holds a B.S. degree in physics from University of Science and Technology of China and MBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.