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What is OK06ETT?

By giving a variety of tracked tokens, OK06ETT fulfills the majority of your investment needs in digital asset. Its repertoire includes several representable tokens (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, and OKB), which are all greatly respected by institutional or individual investors and very often regarded as benchmarks in the world of digital asset.

Your Highway to Digital Asset Investments

Who Is It Intended for?

How to Subscribe & Redeem?

  • 1. Transfer
    To subscribe to the ETT, you will have to "Transfer" funds to your "ETT Account"
  • 2. Subscribe with USDT
    Click "Subscribe" to subscribe OK06ETT with USDT
  • 3. Success
    Confirm the units of OK06ETT
Redemption & Trading
  • Confirm the units of OK06ETT
  • Redeem in underlying Redeem in USDT
  • You will receive the 6 constituents immediately
    You will receive USDT according to the exchange rates of the system
Spot Trading

OK06ETT can be bought or sold directly under Spot Trading area


/ Subscription and redemption will be executed on the hour

/ After subscription/redemption is successfully completed, you will receive the number of ETT-units/tokens in your ETT account

/ The constituents of OK06 index will be rebalanced every Friday at 16:00 (HKT). The rebalancing will be completed by 19:00 (HKT) at the latest. During this period, ETT subscription and redemption will be suspended

/ Fee-Free Subscription, 0.2% Redemption Fee

/ Minimum subscription/redemption quantity: 100 units

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