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Why OKNodes

You can share OKEX''s world-leading technology

  • Sharing OKEX''s Market Depth

    Joining OKNodes gives your exchange the top market liquidity. Building your own exchange is just that easy, and your users can enjoy the best digital asset trading experience.

  • Cutting-edge Core Technology

    OKNodes shares OKEX''s core technologies, including the matching system, hot and cold wallets, and asset settlement system, so that traders can enjoy a safe trading environment.

  • Spot + C2C Trading Solutions

    OKNodes offers spot and C2C trading that shares OKEX''s market depth and liquidity. Currently, C2C trading enables conversions between multiple fiat currencies, such as CNY, Euro, GPB, etc. and mainstream digital assets.

  • Cross-platform Development

    OKNodes supports multiple platforms, such as website and app. Exchanges can customize their branding on different platforms.

  • Flexible Token Listing

    With support from OKEX''s tech force, exchanges have full autonomy on token listing. OKNodes supports a plethora of mainstream public chains to enable fast listing.

  • 24/7 Global Customer Support

    OKEX''s professional customer support team offers 24/7 global support to OKNodes partners' users.

Our Systems

We offer all-rounded technical support for your exchange

  • Spot Trading
  • C2C Trading
  • Asset Management
  • Operations
  • Add-Ons
  • Listing flexibility
  • Sharing OKEX''s market depth and liquidity
  • Concentrated order matching
  • Sharing OKEX''s trading pairs
  • Uncapped number of trading pairs
  • Quantitative APIs
  • Sharing OKEX''s C2C Merchants
  • Customized token listing
  • Guarded by OKEX''s risk management system
  • Multiple fiat currencies (e.g. CNY, EUR) supported
  • Users' assets custody
  • Separated hot and cold wallets
  • Guarded by OKEX''s risk management system
  • Airdrop bonus delivery
  • Exchange revenue settlement
  • Customizable branding
  • Operational data
  • One-stop trading on OKNodes App
  • Sharing OKEX''s user base of millions
  • 9 languages supported
  • 1-on-1 consulting
  • Token Listing
  • Independent App
  • Websocket Open API
  • SMS Charge
  • OKNodes API Technical Support
  • Market Maker Assessment System

Our Partners

We're dedicated to helping you succeed

  • CoinAll is a leading digital asset exchange and a strategic partner of OKEX. It shares OKEX’s advanced security system, trading system and user base.

  • 99Ex is an innovative digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology applications, dedicated to providing secure, stable and reliable digital asset trading services to global blockchain projects and users.

  • OKEX Korea is a digital asset trading service aiming to provide the better trading experiences to Korean traders with fiat currency trading and various assets since 2018,and sharing token transaction liquidity through OK nodes.

  • FloatSV is the leading BSV focused digital asset exchange dedicated to trading BitCoin and the tokenized assets on top.

How to Join



Click "Apple Now" and fill in the application form. Our project consultant will be in touch within 1 working day.



Upon receiving your application, our project consultant will guide you through the preparations, including connecting your exchange to OKNodes, payment, data submission, etc.



After auditing, our consultant will assist with the launch of your exchange.

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  • Technical Support

  • Transaction Fee and Yield Settlement

  • Exchange Operations