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We are innovators who dare to achieve our dreams. We are creating a better world with blockchain technology, revolutionizing our financial system, redefining human relationships, and shortening the distance between people. We all have a burning desire to create and make a dent in this universe. Success is measured against the possible, and we believe that everything is achievable if we join forces on our journeys.

Simplicity is our motto. We value everyone in the company and strive to build an environment with transparency, equality and autonomy. We despise monotonous policies and systems. We focus only on inventing on behalf of customers.

Everyone here loves what they do. We are passionate about our work, dedicated to our missions. We do not work to please and satisfy others. We are self-motivated and driven to be the best to improve human lives.

The Sweeteners

  • Competitive salary and incentives
  • Cozy workplace with friendly teammates
  • Comprehensive social insurance and employee benefits
  • In-company startup project incubation program
  • A flat organization with young and cheerful team
  • Fresh fruits and afternoon tea provided every afternoon
  • Birthday parties, team building activities and festive celebrations
  • Plenty of interest groups, e.g. basketball, swimming, table tennis, and badminton, etc.

Recruitment details

Please send your resume to [email protected]

Technical Roles

Senior Java Development Engineer
Core Skils: spring boot microservices high concurrency distributed computing


1.Architectural planning and core function development for corresponding business lines, such as trading platform, open platform, and innovative businesses, etc.

2.Maintaining good communication with product managers and R&D teams, participating in product planning, program development, market research and architectural design, ensuring smooth and timely development progress

3.In charge of database design, system design, API interface design, external system access, etc.


1.Bachelor’s degree or above with major in computer science;

2.>5 years of experience in j2EE development, in-depth understanding of Java collection, multi-threaded programming and JVM principles;

3.Proficient in Spring MVC, Spring Boot and its microservices-related middleware; practical experience preferred;

4.Seasoned in MySQL database and using SQL statements with a deep understanding of database transactions, locking, and indexing

5.Familiar with common data structures, algorithms and design patterns, with experience in distributed system design;

6.In-depth understanding of commonly used cache middleware such as Redis, Memcache; experience in distributed cache design is preferred

7.Familiar with mainstream front-end development frameworks, such as React, Vue, Bootstrap, etc.

8.Good programming habits and engineering background; Able to conduct unit testing

9.With passion, sense of ownership, ability to work under pressure, and being self-driven.

Blockchain Development Engineer


1.Responsible for the design and core code development of public chain, alliance chain and private chain based on blockchain technology

2.Following up on the research of blockchain application in digital currency, smart contracts, digital asset trading, payment, etc.

3.Actively explore new scenarios of blockchain technology in the direction of finance and provide continuous support for the company's business development


1.Deep understanding of the principles of decentralization and mainstream blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS

2.High proficiency in at least one mainstream blockchain development languages ​, preferably ​Go, or Java, C++, etc; experience in participating in a blockchain development community and contributing source code is preferred

3.High proficiency in encryption algorithms, consensus algorithms, cybernetics, game theory, network security, and distributed computing

4.Understanding the principle of the use of mainstream NoSQL database, especially KV-type database, including not limited to LevelDB, RocksDB, etc.

5.Familiar with Linux, proficient in the principles of Docker container technology, deployment and optimization

Senior C++ Development Engineer


1.Responsible for the design and development of mining pool business

2.Analyzing competitors'' product functions, participating in the discussion of technical solutions, and developing relevant functional modules as planned

3.Performing unit testing of the developed function modules and assisting testers to perform interface automation tests

4.Completing the design of relevant database, system, API, and external system access


1.Good foundation in data structure and algorithms, experience in distributed system design is an advantage

2.High proficiency in programming with understanding of operating system, network and database technology

3.Having the awareness of lifelong learning, strong willingness to learn and master new technologies when necessary

4.With passion, sense of ownership, and ability to work under pressure

Senior Operations Development Engineer


1.Responsible for the installation, configuration, optimization and maintenance of the system operation software

2.Responsible for the deployment, configuration, maintenance, backup and testing of application system modules

3.Responsible for backup, management, maintenance and analysis of the information log of the application system

4.Responsible for routine monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, performance analysis and optimization of application system

5.Responsible for the development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance of application deployment system, environment configuration system and monitoring system, building a high-performance operation and maintenance platform

6.Responsible for preparing relevant documents for the application system as well as statistics of operation and maintenance data, etc.


1.Familiar with the basic knowledge of Linux, proficient in using common Linux commands

2.Proficiency in the deployment, configuration, and optimization of application-related software such as Nginx and HAproxy

3.Familiar with one or more of Shell / Perl / Python for development of operation and maintenance programs

4.Familiar with Nagios, Ganglia, Zabbix and other monitoring software deployment, configuration and maintenance

5.Familiar with Jenkins automation release and Git

6.Familiar with the organization of large Internet companies, familiar with Nginx / Redis / Java and other configurations

7.Proficient in Linux and server group setup (Lvs or Varnish / Squid, Nginx), network construction, setup, and maintenance, system performance management and debugging, network performance management

8.Familiar with the deployment and optimization of common Java applications

9.Familiar with MySQL database management, monitoring and backup, familiar with Nosql database

10.The construction, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of network devices such as servers, storage systems, routers, switches, and load balancing, with network maintenance, troubleshooting, and systematic solution to problem problems;

11.Experience in Alibaba Cloud's online web application operation and maintenance

Senior Front-end Development Engineer
Core Skils: Vue ReactJS Javascript HTML/H5 CSS/CSS3


1.Conducting product design according to product requirements documents

2.Following the company coding standard and be responsible for coding tasks, participating in product front-end performance optimization, troubleshooting and resolution, security hardening, etc.

3.Cooperating with back-end developers to implement product interface and functions

4.Participating in module design, undertaking system and project development work, and guiding junior and middle-level engineers to share technology and jointly promote team members'' progress

5.Writing operation manuals and installation deployment manuals, etc.

6.Conducting research and analysis of mainstream technology implementation in the industry, optimizing implementation solutions, and continuously improving product features.


1.More than 5 years of front-end experience, computer-related major is preferred

2.Deep understanding of Web standards, practical knowledge and practical experience in front-end performance, accessibility, maintainability, etc., with a well-tracked portfolio

3.Seasoned in the core technologies of Javascript language DOM, BOM, AJAX, Restful, JSON, etc., familiar with Javascript performance optimization, proficient in Vue or ReactJS framework;

4.Proficiency in HTML/H5, CSS/CSS3 with rich experience in solving multi-browser compatibility problems, good programming style, solid programming and data structure algorithm skills

5.Experience in using NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and other development tools, deep understanding of front-end engineering and modular development with practical experience (such as RequireJS/SeaJS/ES6, etc.)

6.Familiar with Nodejs with tracked experience in at least one of the Nodejs frameworks (express/koa), etc.

7.Strong wiliness to learn, good communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent team spirit

8.Strong interest in the interface design and interaction of various systems, strong learning abilities of new knowledge and new technology in the front-end field, strong logic, with an optimistic and cheerful personality.

Senior Android Development Engineer


1.Solid foundation of Java language, familiar with android mobile terminal development technology;

2.3 to 5 years of android R&D experience;

3.Experience in blockchain or financial field is an advantage

4.Well-versed in the structure of common software, familiar with various algorithms and data structures, multi-threading, network programming

5.Familiar with features of mainstream mobile phones and mobile apps


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, familiar with computing and related fields

2.Team leading experience is an advantage

3.Great analytic and problem-solving skills

5.Experience in Github open source projects is preferred

Senior Test Development Engineer


1.Familiar with Java and able to perform code review

2.Developing a continuous integration plan to promote the implementation of the continuous integration program

3.Performing code walkthrough, static test, executing test code, and submitting test reports

4.Skilled in Linux with shell programming experience

5.Automated framework construction, including interface automation or UI automation testing (web or APP)


1.Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or computer related major;

2.>3 years of experience in software development or test development in the Internet industry

3.Familiar with white box testing, unit testing and interface testing

4.Proficiency in automated testing tools and frameworks such as testing, Appium, Selenium

5.At least one of the mainstream programming languages, preferably Python or Java

6.Experience in continuous integration is preferred.

Functional Test Engineer


1.Responsible for the test analysis of the product line module of the tested business line, and design test cases;

2.Responsible for the functional test, interface test, and performance test of the project;

3.Responsible for the promotion and implementation of the project's test plan to ensure product quality and progress;

4.Feedback, tracking, recurring test problems, promoting problem solving, and implementing closed-loop problems;

5.Familiar with the test mode of separation between the front and the rear, and can locate the simple problem according to the server log;

6.Continue to promote process optimization and efficiency improvement of the projects in charge.


1.Bachelor’s degree or above in computer science or related major

2.>3 years of experience in Internet industry or financial industry testing

3.Able to independently complete test analysis and use case design, build test environment independently, independently test the ability of the project to complete testing, familiar with web and app testing

4.Familiar with the interception tool fiddler, performance test tool jmeter, and some excuses automated test tools

5.Skilled in project management awareness, able to keep the project test progress and risks under control

6.Familiar with Linux basic commands, with basic coding capabilities

Operational Roles

Senior Product Manager


1.Responsible for the demand research, planning and design of the Bitcoin trading platform

2.Communicating with the technical team to ensure smooth and efficient cooperation and timely product launches

3.Data analysis and mining of online products, continuous improvement, and address user pain points;

4.Understand the analysis and monitoring of portfolio risk (liquidity, policy, etc.).


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, major in finance and mathematics related fields

2.>5 years of experience in Internet product manager, experience in designing stock, futures, foreign exchange or other trading financial products is preferred

3.Proficiency in the transaction payment process, strong risk control ability is preferred

4.Good logical thinking and data analysis skills

5.English fluency is preferred

Senior Blockchain Product Manager


1.Responsible for the research, planning and design of the bitcoin trading platform

2.Communicating with the technical team to ensure smooth and efficient cooperation and timely product launches

3.Data analysis and mining of online products, continuous improvement, and address user pain points;

4.Exploring new products based on the development of the company's business and the industry


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, computer, communication related professional background is preferred

2.>3 years of experience as Internet product manager; experience in designing stock, futures, foreign exchange or other trading financial products is preferred;

3.Proficiency in the transaction payment process; strong risk control ability is preferred

4.Good logical thinking and data analysis experience;

5.English fluency is preferred

Senior Product Operations Manager


1.Responsible for the operation of products related to bitcoin trading platforms, wallets, safes, etc.;

2.Responsible for the planning and promotion of large-scale operational events, tracking operational results;

3.Responsible for user life cycle operations and improve user stickiness;

4.Responsible for collecting and analyzing competitors'' relevant information, tracking market competition environment and policy changes;

5.Responsible for coordinating project progress, promoting project output, analyzing and outputting project data;

6.Responsible for docking with the channel, familiar with the customer business process, assisting the channel to expand customer resources and enhance conversion.


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, with >5 years of experience in Internet operations; experience in operating Internet financial products is preferred;

2.Sensitive to data with strong data analysis capabilities

3.Good communication and development skills, good at cooperating and communicating

4.Strong ability to work under pressure, strong sense of responsibility and innovative thinking

5.Passionate for the Internet, spontaneous and hungry for knowledge

6.Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Senior UI designer


1.Cooperating with the product manager to carry out the interaction and visual design of the web and app user interface of the multi-product line;

2.Participating in the formulation, improvement, optimization of design processes and design specifications, and following up on design implementation;

3.Analyzing industry dynamics, accurately grabbing suitable design style and helping the team grow.

Also good to have:

1.Understanding and knowledge of blockchain and financial products

2.Understanding of front-end development technology

3.Motion design capability

4.Please reach out to us with your portfolio and resume. Welcome to join the OK UED design team!


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, design-related major;

2.>3 years of experience in Internet product design to understand the complete UED design process

3.Excellent aesthetics and design skills, good at innovation, and keen on design trends

4.Understanding the R&D process of Internet products, and communicating with R&D-related professionals to ensure the effectiveness of design implementation

5.Conscious, serious, passionate, and able to work under pressure

6.Strong communication skills, high adaptability, good team spirit;

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