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  • Token Loan Service - Interest Rate

Trading Fees

OKEx offers a volume-based maker-taker fee schedule. We calculate your trading volume every day and adjust your fees according to the chart below:

Tier Spot Trading Futures Trading Perpetual Swap Trading 24hr Withdrawal Limit (BTC)
30day Trading Volume (BTC) Maker Fee Taker Fee 30day Trading Volume (BTC) Maker Fee Taker Fee 30day Trading Volume (BTC) Maker Fee Taker Fee
Lv1 < 500 0.100% 0.150% < 10000 0.020% 0.030% < 10000 0.020% 0.070% 300
Lv2 ≥ 500 0.080% 0.140% ≥ 10000 0.015% 0.030% ≥ 10000 0.015% 0.065% 350
Lv3 ≥ 5000 0.060% 0.130% ≥ 20000 0.010% 0.030% ≥ 20000 0.010% 0.060% 400
Lv4 ≥ 10000 0.050% 0.120% ≥ 30000 0.005% 0.030% ≥ 30000 0.005% 0.055% 450
Lv5 ≥ 50000 0.040% 0.100% ≥ 60000 0.000% 0.025% ≥ 60000 0.000% 0.050% 500
Lv6 ≥ 100000 0.030% 0.080% ≥ 100000 -0.005% 0.025% ≥ 100000 -0.005% 0.045% 550
Lv7 ≥ 200000 0.020% 0.060% ≥ 200000 -0.005% 0.025% ≥ 200000 -0.010% 0.040% 600
Lv8 ≥ 300000 0.010% 0.050% ≥ 300000 -0.010% 0.025% ≥ 300000 -0.015% 0.035% 1000

To be eligible for a tier, you are only required to meet the minimum trading volume requirements of either Futures or Spot. Example: Your Spot Trading volume in the last 30 days is 10000 BTC (Rank4) and Futures trading volume is 60000 BTC (Rank5), you are then eligible as a Rank5 user and can enjoy the discounted fees of the tier for both Futures and Spot Trading.

Spot Trading
30-day Spot Trading volume: Our system will record the transactions according to the prices (in quote currencies) at that time. Then every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC+8, it will calculate the total trading volume in BTC equivalent.
Example: If you have traded OMG/BTC, XUC/BTC, BTC/USDT, LTC/ETH and BCH/USDT, our system will record the transactions in BTC, ETH, USDT according to the prices at that time. Then at 0:00 UTC+8, it will calculate the total trading volume of BTC, ETH and USDT in BTC equivalent.
Futures Trading
30-day Futures Trading volume: Similarly, our system will record all positions opened or closed in USD equivalent, according to the prices at that time (contract face value). Then every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC+8, it will calculate the total trading volume in BTC equivalent, according to the avg. exchange rate of USD to BTC of the last 30 days.
Example: Let’s say you traded BTC, ETH and EOS futures yesterday. Our system will record all the contracts in USD equivalent (contract face value). Then today at 00:00 UTC+8, it will calculate your total trading volume in BTC equivalent, according to the avg. exchange rate of USD to BTC of the last 30 days.
Create order
Maker orders are "passive" limit orders posted on the order book prior to the trade.
Example: If the current market price is 1000USD and you created a 999USD maker order, the order will not be filled. Instead it will be posted on the order book, allowing others to take the order. Once the order is filled, maker will pay the maker fee and taker will pay the taker fee.
Futures settlement fee is not affected by the user's tier (0.015% for BTC, 0.05% for other tokens); No fee is charged for forced liquidation.
24h Withdrawal Limit
24hr withdrawal limit: The limit of withdrawing all your digital assets in the account for the day in BTC equivalent. You may contact our customer service manager if you wish to increase the limit.
Example: A tier 1 user has a withdrawal limit of 300 BTC equivalent, after withdrawing 250 BTC, 25 BTC worth of OMG and 15 BTC worth of XUC, the user will have a withdrawal limit balance of 10 BTC. Thus, withdrawing 20 BTC worth of XRP must wait until the next day, or he will have to contact customer service to request for increasing the limit.
The 24hr withdrawal limit differs based on the user's KYC (KYC 1 ≤0.5BTC, KYC 2 ≤300BTC).
A guide to market making with master and sub accounts
The master account’s tier is determined according to the total 30day trading volume of all master and sub accounts. Sub account’s tier will be the same as its master account’s.

Token Loan Service - Interest Rate

Historical Interest Rate Details

Remarks:Interest begins to accrue as soon as tokens are borrowed. It will continue to accrue every 1 hours (no interest will be accrued for that day if less than 1 hours).

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount is determined by a user’s individual limit or the maximum leverage level of the corresponding token pair, whichever is smaller. Details as below:

Trading Pair Base Token Quote Token
BTC/USDT 500 BTC 2000000 USDT
ETH/USDT 10000 ETH 1500000 USDT
EOS/USDT 500000 EOS 1000000 USDT
XRP/USDT 1000000 XRP 500000 USDT
LTC/USDT 20000 LTC 1000000 USDT
ETC/USDT 100000 ETC 500000 USDT
BCH/USDT 5000 BCH 1000000 USDT
TRX/USDT 20000000 TRX 500000 USDT
BSV/USDT 1000 BSV 100000 USDT
NEO/USDT 5000 NEO 50000 USDT
ETH/BTC 10000 ETH 200 BTC
EOS/BTC 500000 EOS 200 BTC
ETC/BTC 100000 ETC 100 BTC
XRP/BTC 1000000 XRP 100 BTC
LTC/BTC 20000 LTC 100 BTC
BCH/BTC 2500 BCH 100 BTC
TRX/BTC 20000000 TRX 100 BTC

For example:

1.User A has 600000 USDT in his BTC/USDT account. 4X of his balance is 2400000 USDT. Therefore, the maximum loan amount is 2000000 USDT.

2.User B has 200000 USDT in her BTC/USDT account. 4X of her balance is 800000 UDST. Therefore, the maximum loan amount is 800000 USDT.

Remarks: The individual limit is calculated separately in different trading pairs. Even if you have borrowed 2000000 USDT in the BTC/USDT trading pair, you can still borrow another 500000 USDT in the XRP/USDT trading pair. To minimize your risk, we also consider other factors when calculating your maximum loan amount. The final amount should be the value stated in the margin trading page.

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