Five Exclusive Privileges

Enjoy Up To 80% Reward

Certificate Of Honor For Excellent Partner

Priority To Participate Off-line Activities

Priority To Try Out New Products

Participate In Partner Influence Rankings


Promoting Our Beliefs And Business To The World
Helping Serving Users And Improving Products
Build Teams And Discovering Potential Users
Encouraging Ethical And Moral Trading


Rich Management And Operation Experience

Ability To Develop Regional Business

Veteran In Blockchain Industry

Engaging In Legal Industry

Reward Schedule for Global Partners

Monthly referral (people) OKB owned (token) Reward (trading fees)
50 0 30%
500 10,000 40%
5000 50,000 50%
10,000 100,000 60%
50,000 500,000 70%
100,000 1,000,000 80%
  • 1. The invitee must have a transaction value in OKEx greater than or equal to 2,000 USDT;
  • 2. Duration of Reward is 6 months starting from the new user's registration date. If a new User A registered on Jun 1, you can get the reward until Nov 30;
  • 3. Reward will be settled weekly;
    1. (1) If the referred user settled the trading fees with loyalty points, you will earn loyalty points as reward as well. E.g. User A uses 1 loyalty point to settle trading fees, you will get 0.3 loyalty points as reward.
    2. (2) If the referred user settled the trading fees with digital asset, you will earn USDT as reward settled weekly.
  • 4. Beginning on 29 October 2018, you will earn USDT as reward no more than 12000 USDT for every new invitee.
  • For example:Partner A, the monthly reward is 30%, the partner A invites User B and C to trade in OKEx. In the case of adjustment of the reward policy:If user B’s trading fees is 30,000USDT, partner A will get reward 30000USDT × 30%=9,000USDT.If user C’s trading fees is 100,000 USDT, as the previous rules, partner A can get 100,000 × 30%=30,000, but now partner A only can receive reward 12000 USDT, because of the new reward policy, every single users reward limit is 12000 USDT
  • Note: The invitee before October 29 will follow the previous rules, they have no reward limit.


We are looking for influential global partners who have top resources around the world. We need your help to promote the development of OKEx and the rapid implementation of our global business. In return, we will provide you generous reward for your effort. Interested in joining us? Apply today.