Five Exclusive Privileges

20% - 50% promotion rebate

Certificate Of Honor For Excellent Partner

Priority To Participate Off-line Activities

Priority To Try Out New Products

Participate In Partner Influence Rankings


Promoting Our Beliefs And Business To The World
Helping Serving Users And Improving Products
Build Teams And Discovering Potential Users
Encouraging Ethical And Moral Trading


Rich Management And Operation Experience

Ability To Develop Regional Business

Veteran In Blockchain Industry

Engaging In Legal Industry

Reward Schedule for Global Partners

Monthly valid user(people) OKB locked-up Reward (trading fees)
(0, 50] 0 20 %
(0, 50] 5000 30 %
(50, 500] 10,000 40 %
(500, 5000] 50,000 50 %
  • 1. After the invitee registered via the invitation link and completed KYC1 verification, partners can get transaction fee commission when the invitee trades;
  • 2.Monthly valid users refer to the number of users registered and becoming valid users within the month. Valid users: invited users who must accumulate a transaction amount of ≥2,000 USDT on OKEx and pass KYC2 verification.
  • 3.The rebate ratio can be adjusted immediately once the upgrade standard is reached. The rebate ratio will remain for 3 months. The adjustment of rebate ratio is based on the number of monthly valid users.
  • For example, if partner A has a rebate ratio of 40% in July and has not reached the requirements of 40% rebate ratio for three consecutive months, the rebate ratio will then be adjusted to the rebate ratio that corresponds to the monthly valid users of the past month.
  • 4.Rebate settlement takes place every week by 18:30 every Friday to round up the rebate gain over the past week.
    1. (1)The rebate is settled in USDT or loyalty points. Rebates from transactions traded with loyalty points will be delivered in loyalty points, otherwise the rebates will be settled in USDT.
    2. (2)If the invitation bonus for the week is less than 1 USDT or 1 loyalty point, the bonus will be deemed as invalid.
  • 5.After the 180th day from the invitee’s registration date and onward, the inviter will no longer enjoy the transaction fee rebate generate by the invitee.
  • 6.The weekly transaction fee rebate generated by each invitee is capped at 100 USDT and 100 loyalty points.
  • 7.If the invitee is already enjoying transaction fee discount of our market maker or key client program, they will not be included in the Global Partner rebate program.
  • 8.Sub-accounts of invitees are not entitled to the transaction fee rebate.
  • 9.If the Partner or invitee violates the activity rules or OKEx risk management rules, their rebates will be forfeited.
  • * OKEx reserves the right of final decision in the event at any time based on market conditions.


We are looking for influential global partners who have top resources around the world. We need your help to promote the development of OKEx and the rapid implementation of our global business. In return, we will provide you generous reward for your effort. Interested in joining us? Apply today.