Fill in the application form, send your "smart contract audit report”, “legal opinion" and related documents to [email protected] For details, please refer to "OKEx Listing Vote Application"
Our listing committee will review the applications based on a list of criteria, including: qualifications, policy, risk, business model, scalability, infrastructure for the ecosystem, distribution, core team members, investors, community, marketing and operations.
OKEx customers can vote with OKB. 1 Vote = 0.1 OKB.
Security Deposit
The winning candidate will be required to pay a security deposit (200,000 to 300,000 OKB) which will be returned monthly for 12 months.
3 candidates will be listed in each round. The 3 highest-voted projects which endorsed by a minimum of 3 Prime Investors win. If 2 or more candidates received the same number of votes, the one with more endorsements from our Prime Investors wins.
After a vote ends, all OKB used for voting will be returned to our users automatically. However, if a losing candidate wish to continue to run for the next round, users will have to claim back their OKB manually. We will recalculate the score before the next round starts.
To be a candidate of our token listing vote, token teams are required to submit an application. Our listing committee will review the applications based on the criteria formulated in our evaluation guidelines. Any projects which are found to have a risk in company policy or technology will not be eligible for the vote. The review status of the candidates will be announced on the vote page. For details, please refer to “OKEx Listing Vote Rules”. “OKEx Listing Vote Rules” .
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